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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Salam Alaikoum,

Allright, my turn now :) 

My name is Iman. I'm 16 years old and will be turning 17 on april 28th (Finally!). I'm originally Iraqi although i was born in Dubai/UAE. We moved to Montreal/Canada when i was about a year and been living here ever since.

I'm still a highscool student at a french school, and inshallah I'll be graduating this year. Can't wait to get into college!

Yellah, enough about me :D 


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Assalamu Aleykum to all. Inshallah u r all in the best of health and imaan. ok welllets seeeee.

name: abukar

location: michigan, usa

age: 18 (march 6th 1984)

origin: somalia ( hey u now my parrents have told me that like our generation or ancestors or wateva u now they go bak to abdur rahman bin awf) loool now that is not something i brad or proud of even it was true so i aws just sharing that with u.  anyways in here go bak to one of the companions or soemthign liek that?

take care

wasalaam :) 

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Guest 72-1028076446

assalamu-alaikum my turn i guess

name=ghetto talker lol *wink*

Location= Grand Rapids, Michigan

age 18

well about me, first of all I like chatting lol

I love metting new poeple

I love sports, I love going out to the movies, once in a while, talking with friends once in a while

I play all kinda sports,. use to play basketball for schools, and cross country, I was gonna play football, the couch was begging me, I was like nooo wayyyyy, don;t get me wrongggggg, I love football, just didn;t love those things they were lol

any ways thats about it I also love reading books, especially books like debate debate and stuff like that, like peshwar nights, or then i was guided, i love reading articles of converts to islam, and especially articles on converts to shiasm

I love to study about my religeon and increase my faith and iman even though i am lazyyyyyyyyyy

i am still High school student, I am supposed to finish this yearrrrr

but will see, how things go,

sorry If I bored yall

well peaceeeee

who's Next ??


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Asalaamu Alaikum !! :) 

Name: Sarah

DOB: November 28, 1982

(TURKEY DAY in the U.S. this year!! and I will be 20!! )

Parents originally from northern Pakistan

Born and raised in New York, USA

Currently living in WahhabiVille, NY, USA

I am now in my second year of University (sorry, can't tell you which university cause I am paranoid about stalkers and such...)

I'm studying Business Management (w/ a concentration in Finance) and Arabic... !! :D 

Take care ya'll... Salaamz


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Salaam o 3alykum

Let me first say....that Ali you have a great idea...lol....infact this thread was my idea... :)   

anyways...i am your Akhi..u can call me Akhi!

18 years of age.

live and born in london

Parents are pakistani...and well...my roots are arabic...which means I am a bit of everything...just missing a bit of chinese, american(few)...etc.

going to uni in a month inshaAllah...to be more precise...

Kings...and doing Mathematics & computer science there.

by the way...I would like to know how much u guys earn...and well u could just give a little to me...my account details will follow.


Thanks, shukran, shukria, ta-shukar,


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Salam, my turn?

Name: Mohammad *Censored Last Name*

AKA: Khalf_al_quaed (This is a song BTW, old one)

Age: 16 (I am one of the youngest :(, BUT BRIGHTEST :D 

DOB: 7 March 1986 (shiaofhussein, a day after ur b-day)

Origin: I am from Bahrain, My parents are from Bahrain, my grandmother is sunni (converted to shia) my grandfather is black, and all of my grandparents are originally from Iran. I was born in India (my parents were on a trip and...) I came to Canada when i was 3 months old, so i was raised here  :s is it good?


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Salaaaaams to all.

DOB: 7 March 1986 (shiaofhussein, a day after ur b-day)

hey! great! so that means we have two brother's birthdays on consicutive days. 2 birthday parties for both us. looooool we can celebrate both at the same, but that means u have to celebrate my b'day with me 1st since mines comes 1st and then urs. :P loooool

take care

wasalaaam :) 

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Assalam Alaikum everyone,

Insha'Allah you are all in the best of health and Iman.

velll, I'm 19 (can't believe it  :s  just yesterday I was 8 and beating up guys in football). My birthdate is June 3, 1983.  You guys know what that is right? :(  The day Imam Khomeini (ra) passed away. May Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì raise his ranks in Jannah.

umm, I was born and raised in Texas, and no that does not mean that I have the whole texan accent thing going on 8O ...

My mom is American, shia convert, Alhamdolillah. And my baba is Irani.  

Let's see, I went to public school 'til seventh grade.  Then I started homeschooling,  via a correspondence school. I'm so glad I did that... I was exposed to much much less than a lot of people, to some degree I'm more innocent/pure :D Now, I'm in college.

Major: Psycholgy. or double major psyc and education or computer engineering.

I don't work, and I never intend on working. Unless it's really neccesary or for helping Muslim community, maybe.  I just keep thinking of the hadith from Hadhrat Fatima (sa)  "The best woman is she who does not see men, and men don't see her."

So, my goal in life is to be.. a housewife lol. :angry:  Dont laff, it's such an important job!  And it is the culture/way of Hadhrat Fatima (sa).

vhat else? I feel sorry for all of you, when I do actually say something here.. I say too too much, I just go on and on and on :D.  Ya'll probably think I never stop talking.lol  yalla I'll finish it there. 

**lol I had to edit out my post .... it was just tooo long.. sad sad sad lol Im so wordy!grr. It's like Im wriitng a whole auto biography or summin**

take care everyone, wasalam Alaikum

Edited By Hablillah on 1030738550

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salaam all,

hehe anotha cute topic...

kai i looks like im da next one...

name: mizz_no_name

age: ageless

nationality: ayeeee dats a top secret.

occupation: welllll i can tell u dat..cuz im no heart braker...STUDENTTTTTTT n i also WORK .

location: venus *thought i made dat clear in my profile*

ummmm ANYTHING else dat i misssed????

heheh let me no if i missed nything at alll...


:D  :wee: 

P.S I think im a well known person now..heheh :blush: 

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  I am 20 turning 21 this December insha'Allah and will be starting my third year of college next Wednesday at the University of Michigan in Dearborn.  I am Lebanese but was born and raised here in Dearborn.  My love after Allah (swt), Ahlul Bayt (as), and the Qur'an is LEBANON, ;) especially southern Lebanon.

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Asalaamu Alaikom:

  Name - Christy


Other known Alias's - Zaynab , zaynabislam , zaynab_2001, and Hey you


Location-Near dearborn, Michigan


Nationality - American


Occupation = Chemical Engineer / housewife & mother.

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salamz everyone,

i like how mizz_no_name kept everthing highly confidential  ;)  ...maybe she's like a fugitive or something :P ...hehe...well my name is Haleh....im iraninan...i've lived here in Cali purty much my whole life :s  :uhh:  :uhh:  ...im 17 and im a psych major like hablillah (i'll come to u if i got any questions, kai??? :D  ;) )well, thats pretty much it!!! THAT'S ALL FOLKSSS :P  :D  ;)  

Edited By nur_al_naby on 1030758659

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Hey all,

Real name is Mohamad

      I'll be 25 in September

                 First year graduate student in Pharmacology

                           Love science,,, Sports and music.

Goal in life is to

        discover a magic bullet for Cancer,

                 and after I get the Nobel's I'll go back

                            home to teach science to children. :P

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salam Alaikum

I think we've had this topic a couple of times.  But its always good to see the new people in here.

i'm 19 and i go to the university of michigan - dearborn, like some other people on this site.  I do work but I can only work on campus (damn INS) so i work on the campus bookstore and I'm trying to get other jobs too.

Oh yeah, I consider myself a pakistani-canadian (and proud of it) and I moved to michigan in 2000.  anything else you people want to know? except my credit card number.


Edited By Aamir on 1030813812

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Guest 72-1028076446

salam kool some one goes to university of Michigan thats where i wanan go kool hehe

man yeessss we win the football game, Michigan Wolverines, hehe

yeahhhhh baby we won with a field goal at the end of time hehe


number1 this year



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I know I could, but I'm not in any emergency.  I plan on getting another on campus job instead and stay legal.  I don't want the FBI on my back, lol.  Can you believe it though if I did get in trouble though, you'd see it on the news

"Canadian Terrorist working illegally in a gas station!"

Edited By Aamir on 1030847890

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Salam everybody!

I am fatima from UAE ,my parents also emaraty,iam 17 (still young) and iam here because  i love 14 masoms and love anybody who loves them ..this is the best site because we always talk about what we love and believe and we share the same feelings..i want anybody to write me and share our thoughts...and god with you..


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