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In the Name of God بسم الله

Good tafseer in English?

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salamun alaykum

this is my first post

i currently have An Englightening COmmentary into th eLIght of the Holy quran by A group of muslim scholars published in iran

it is really good, similar to al-mizan but explains better for english speaking people

you can obtain it at the al-khui website at www.al-khoei.org


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Guest Sister Spade

As salamualaikum,

I came across this question although it is very out dated and I am sure that all of you have found your answers.  Still, I must provide an answer albeit late.

The Tafirs Enlightened commentary, Al-Mizan and The Tafsir of Imam Hasan Askari (عليه السلام) are all plenty to keep us busy but yes Tafsir AlAyyashi and Namooneh (Namoona ("The Ideal Ccommentary") are indeed needed to be translated into English.

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