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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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OK, Racism has become an Issue on this forum, so I wanted to ask everyone to rate these sayings so I can Gauge people reaction. I will post 4 quotes or sayins, numbered 1 through 4, please in your first reply, number 1 through four, and then by each number, give the Rating (1 through 10, ten being absolute un acceptable Hate speah, 1 being OK to say).

1. "If the Negro Can't stand on his own two feet, let him fall"

2. “The fact that I have previously documented and expounded on the basic issues presented in the Harvard paper does not invalidate its easily documented truth. It validates me and my work and the incredible bias of the media that has worked so hard to discredit me.”

3. "I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don't believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn't want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn't know how to return the treatment."

4. "History is a people's memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals."

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first of all, if you are going to use some qoutes...you shoudl do some research on the qoutes you are using.

incase no one else knows, those are all MALCOLM X qoutes, for when he was with the nation of islam.

when he finally left the nation of islam, he denoucned everything he had previously said.

so another words, all these qoutes are missqouted.


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first of all, if you are going to use some qoutes...you shoudl do some research on the qoutes you are using.

incase no one else knows, those are all MALCOLM X qoutes, for when he was with the nation of islam.

when he finally left the nation of islam, he denoucned everything he had previously said.

so another words, all these qoutes are missqouted.



1. Fredrick Douglas, FAMOUS abolishonist, and REPUBLICAN.

2. (the one nobody seems to mind, except that they dont understand the context): DAVID DUKE, Imperial wizzard, and renowned reformer, of the Ku Klux Klan, because he refused to use the N word. He basicaly watered Down and Intelectualized (first imperial wizzard to have a PHD) his hatefull evil.

3. Malcolm X

4. Malcolm X

The point I tried to make here, is that it is easy to run off at the mouth about what is and Isnt Racist. And What constitutes Hate. Every Person I have ever Shown that to has ALWAYS firmly said the First Quote was Very Racist when they first heard it. but When they learn who it is that said it, they are more Accepting of it. The problem there is that it is an inherently Racist viewpoint. because It makes One Race Play with a Hadicap in the way they speak, what they can and Cant say. If Fredrick Douglas says that African Americans Don't need Special Privladge, just an Equal Shot in the world, and if they cant do it, hey too bad. then it sounds like a reasonable request made for Equality. but if his Fellow Republican Ronald Regan would have said it, people would have been up in arms.

The problem in our Society today is that the term "racist" and "anti Semite" have become HUSH PHRASES. A quick and convientent way of Censoring and Silencing opposition. Call someone a Racist, and Every word that comes out of their mouth from that point on will be discounted and Rejected by those who hear them. We dont do ourselves any favor when we silence critisizm, because that is exactly what we need to Grow. When Black people complain that Whites oppress them and are Evil in the Way they treat them, then Whites Just say "oh thats reverse Racism" and they can dismiss anything they say, because Why should they listen, its Just Hate, if they give in to the first round of Demands, there will only be an endless stream of more.

If Whites Complain of a culture which Glorifies Crime and Promiscuity, Black people can just say "they Just hate Black People" and all of the sudden, thats ALL anyone will hear, Despite the Fact that nearly EVERY Rap (and unfortunately even soul now) Glorifies one of the two, and legitimately great artists such as the poor Righteous teachers go unnoticed. It does nothing but a disservice to us as a country when we do this, because then there is no open dialogue and we cant be honest, we have to self censor because no matter how truthful what we want to say might be, It might "sound Wrong" so we better not say it if we dont want to be written off as soon as we say it.

Case in Point, JUST AFTER Katrina hits. While I agree that the FEMA director was an imept moron, Kane West says that help Didnt come to the people trapped in New Orleans because George Bush (may Allah Curse Him) "doesnt care about black People". It wasnt that People took up Sniper positions to shoot people at Random who were not even doing anything. It wasnt that there was complete Chaos and people (both Black and White) were braving the rising waters to loot a big screen plasma Screen TV. It wasnt the Fact that People of All Races were Repoted to be Raping Children at will in the Sports Arena. It wasnt because the first people to arrive on the scene were Shot and faught back out of the City by Residents who must not have been ready to be rescued yet. Its not that Any person, soldier or Fema worker in their right mind would have, and did refuse to enter into such a water logged warzone which itself was the product of the CHOICE of some New Orleans residents. It was because little Bush didnt like Black People. Until we can be honest with each other, how can we expect to move forward as a truely unified and great community.

I personally could care less what the Kuffar do with themselves and their relations, but as Muslims, shouldt we value honesty and strait talk above any other kind of speach.

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^Jazak'Allah. Interesting viewpoints.

America has gone through so many changes over the past few centuries,

but its inherhent racism is a disease that has not yet died down-

it has merely mutated in forms that are sneakier and harder to detect,

but just as deadly as ever before.

This brings to mind an episode of ABC's Primetime regarding the ugly monster of racism that excessively rears its head among us when we think no one's listening.

They basically got one of their Primetime crew to drive a taxi and spout some racist comments, then see what the unaware passengers would respond with each time; to prove the reach of racism still thriving today.

The majority of the people encountered seized the original comments and further escalated them (ie; Taxi driver: Man, Asians are bad drivers, aren't they? Passenger: Yeah man, and they smell funny too! Not to mention...) while a far fewer ratio discouraged what was being said, and VERY few (maybe one or two if memory serves me right) actually protested it.

I think the most interesting passenger was a very frail old lady who might remind one of a dear old grandmother. She spouted the most hateful stuff of anyone and it was about Arabs & Muslims. Almost as bad as her actual comments though, or maybe worse, was her attitude after she realized she was on National TV- she blatantly said she didn't care and stood by everything she had said. It made me very angry and upset. :mad:

Here's a transcript taken from a blog of someone who was on this particular show and happened to be one of the passengers:

Neil (the blogging passenger) enters the cab.

Neil: "59th and Lexington, please."

Taxi Driver: "Sure thing. You in town for a convention?"

N: "No, just visiting. I’m meeting some of my blogging friends."

TD: "Yeah? You’re a blogger? You know any Asian bloggers?"

N: "A few. Why?"

TD: "It’s just… Asians are the worst drivers. I was wondering what type of bloggers they are?"

N: "This isn’t being recorded or anything?"

TD: "Nah, nah, nah."

N: "So, I can be open with you?"

TD: "Sure thing."

N: "Asians are as bad blogging as they are driving. Especially those Koreans. I don’t care if Jackie Chan is Korean. They come to this country and think they can blog like everyone else."

TD: "I hear you, buddy. At least there aren’t any black bloggers."

N: "Unfortunately, there are. Tons of them. I don’t even understand half the stuff they write. It’s always about rap music and big butts. Sometimes, they don’t even tell you that they’re black and you’re reading them every day until they publish a photo of themselves and it’s like, "Holy sh**, that mo***fu**** is as black as my leather jacket.""

TD: "Holy sh** is right. They should make you post a photo so you can see who the blogger really is."

N: "Maybe it would work for the blacks, but what about the Jews. Nowadays, Jews don’t even look like Jews anymore, with all that kabbalah [Edited Out] going on."

TD: "Oh, man, don’t get me started on those Jews."

N: "The Jews suck, man. And I should know. I’m Jewish myself. You want a pain in the a** for the rest of your life, you marry a Jewish woman. "Neilochka, fix my computer. Neilochka, I bought you new pants. Neilochka, eat my borscht." They’ll drive you so crazy, you’ll want to hit your head on the mezzuzah!"

TD: "Man, oh Manischewitz. Hey, tell me. Is it true that Jews control all the money in the world and run the entertainment, medical, and legal fields?"

N: "Yes. They’d run the blogging world, too — but they ain’t stupid. There’s no money in it!"

TD: "So, who runs the blogging world?"

N: "Who do you think? — the Pakistanis!"

The cab suddenly pulls over to the curb.

N: "Hey — why are you stopping the car?"

A camera crew approaches, along with John Quinones.

"Hello, I’m John Quinones of ABC’s Primetime and we’re conducting a experiment to see how people respond to a racist cabbie."

N: "What are you — a f***ing Puerto Rican?"

JQ: "You realize that this is being recorded and will be watched by millions of Americans…?"

N: "It will? www.citizenofthemonth.com! Come one, come all — even the Koreans! I really do love Jackie Chan!"

Now the saddest part, perhaps, is what Neil posted on his blog to accompany this transcript::

"Now I know many of you have already emailed me about this show, but in case you missed it — I was one of the passengers. Some suggested that I didn’t combat the driver’s racism as strongly as I should have. I will not apologize for what I said. You all know that I am not a racist. Imagine yourself in my position, alone in the cab with a talkative driver –"

That was pretty alarming.

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