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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Wasted Youth

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Got this in an email...

Wasted Youth

I look into the reflection that stares back at me

In my eyes I see what once used to be

A happiness and light that once glowed

Faith in Allah from my heart flowed

But only memories of that child remain

And a longing to be her once again

But she’s gone now and nothings left

The sins are too many all I have is regret

My heart consumed by blackness no light

In the darkness I sit consumed with fright

Alone and lonely I lose all hope and despair!

My life I’ve wasted there’s no way to repair.

The sins have consumed my once living soul

I now remain, I am no longer whole

A withered body remains life’s taken its toll

No way to refill that now empty hole

Reflecting over a lifetime of abuse and corruption

My desires I followed without interruption

My conscience I ignored until it was silenced

I even resorted to using violence

I look at the reflection comparing it to the past

Looks like I got what I wanted at last

Emptiness which follows a life of idleness

Features that show only immense sadness

My youth lost an old figure now stands

All from the deeds I dealt by my own hands

Death approaches intense pain I endure

Deserving of one such as me for sure

No comfort from the faces that surround me

Only flashes of my evil acts do I see

Had I but repented and returned to my lord

Had I but realised good deeds I needed to hoard

Too late now in my grave my body is laid

A price for my deeds I’ve dearly paid

I now face the punishment that is dealt

My screams unheeded pain is all that is felt

From now and forever this is how I will be

Terror and torture is all I will see

And now I pray to my lord that I may be free

But too late are these calls for me

Take heed now or you too will pay this fee

And be in this state for all eternity.

By Fatima Tahir

Fe aman Allah

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