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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

The new Pakistani Rs. 10 note

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I didn't like the 20 dollar bill.. it's soo eww.. like some old [Edited Out]py Indian bills

itna chunna sa, ajeeb sa..

I never liked their size.. pehle itnay choray hotay thay ke wallet me atay he nahi thay...

kuch kaam dhang ka nahi kartay

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Bhaijaan maqsad yeh tha kehne ka yeh note hay ke kia hay jo soolha zabano me chaap dee qeemat!

Actually its a solution to a linguistic problem brother:

Jaese Kasmiri zaban me nahi likha hoga to unko bura lage ga agitation honge

Punjabi me nahi likha hoga to unko problems honge

Urdu me nahi hoga to Urdu walo ko problem hoga

Kannada me nahi hoga to unko problem, sare problem se bachne ke liye aesa kiya jata hae.

Iske baad bhi ek problem hae ke pehle unki zaban kyu nahi to iske liye ye solution nikla ke alphabetical order me likha hoga:

( English)

















Actually satra zabane English ko mila kar

Phir Andho ( blind) ke liye bhi dot, triangle hota hae

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Lo. . .

Rs.10 aur 5000 ke note issue bhi ho gaye, logon ne dekh liye, iste;maal kar liye, SC per behes bhi ho chukee aur mujhe aaj pata chal raha hai :(

MaiN shayed doosray mulkon kee politics main buhat hee zyada ghussa hua hooN. apne mulk kee khabar hee nahin. . .

koi agar in notes kee tasaaveer bhi post day to kya hee baat hai. . .

Kya hua pakistanion. . .

Satya meva jayate ( Truth alone triumphs)

Sola ( 16) zabano me currency value liki hoti hae, this makes them most unique in the world.

I have got a few Indian notes and coins sent to me by a Bangalori friend. . .that was too nice of him.

I really liked the idea of writing in 16 langauges. . .

But, Gandhi's pic is kinda too old. They could have printed a bit earlier picutre to make it look less scary. As Pakistan has printed a relatively nicer and earlier picture of Quaid unlike his appearacne when he was in 1947 suffering from TB

Edited by Jibran Haider
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