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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Why USrael Better Calm Down

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...just kidding... but read yourself... best wishes from Switzerland...


Of course this is all based upon the worst case scenario. War with China and the U.S. would never take place because not only is the U.S. interconnected with China economically, but China relies extensively on the U.S. economically as well.

Furthermore there is no promise that Russia would enter a war on the side of China. Same goes with Iran.

It all sounds great and good, but how many times in life do you notice that when three big brawly buddies get together and decide to do something at the same time, one always tends to go first or one always tends to hesitate and lag behind? What if the same thing happened to this US/British/Australian coalition vs. China/Russia/Iran? What if Iran went first? What if Iran's supersonic cruise missiles were knocked out by American airstrikes or by the PATRIOT missile system in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, etc? What if Iran was dealt a massive airstrike that crippled its immediate retaliatory abilities and immobilized its military forces? Since Russia would have already looked back after selling those 29 new missiles to Iran, do you think they'd sit on their ass and wait around for China to try to push for Taiwan before issuing any kind of statement? I think Russia would come out right away and make its position clear that it does not support Ahmadinejad or the Iranian government after such an airstrike so as to not be made into a fool by its critical trade partners, Europe, and its vital ally the U.S. So that would leave Iran by its lonesome self, while China still tries to decide if crashing its own economy and throwing the U.S.'s into a burst of inflation and drop of investment would really stop U.S. bombs from hitting Beijing from South Korea.

China realizes that regardless of how much of a good position it has on the U.S., the U.S. has a good position on China too. Beijing is just across the pond from Seoul. Given the distance it would probably only take 1 or 2 max minutes for a missile to be launched from seoul to beijing. Furthermore don't forget the Olympic factor. There's no chance in Hell that china will make any sort of military move at any time before the '08 olympic games; it's invested billions of dollars into rebuilding and preparation for these games. It would not risk loosing all of that intended revenue just for Taiwan.

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Chris these are all facts and i agree with you, Iran cannot attack the u.s but it can certainly with-stand an invasion. The u.s invests $504 billion on it's military alone and iran spends $4.4 billion BUT go not forget your people and your intersts in the region, iran can cause really heavy damage to the u.s interests in the region, i.e oil, gas etc. not to mention shehab-3's will reign on israel if that happens, basically i am saying a small mini-war where this is the scenario. Young shiites see the iranian capital destroyed in the gulf they will feel angry and in these gulf countries one of them is bound to by an armed weapon and try to attack an american out of anger causing senseless killing, then americans will go bomb and arrest some more and this no good war process will go on and on and frankly the only people whom are happy are the drilling companies and BNP oil companies because the barrel will reach $100-150.

War war war it is not always the anwser, would the prophet mohammed (pbuh) be happy with this? Would jesus (as)? would moses (as)? Would buddha, would guru nana. would anyone?!


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