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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Wiliyatal fakhi and irfan, in the Quran?!

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khalq is tanzeel of haq, their is nothing but God is the the treasure of it and it is brought but in measure, the sevens heavens and the earth the like of them, and the unseen reality coming through those grades and reaching us its own measure, in this cage of five senses, is a reality everyone must not remain blind to, who is blind here is blind in the next, the Quran is eternal in one sense and created in another, the truth of it and the utmost Glory of it, and infinte glroy, the reality of God's name in its absolute aspect which no one understands the full interpetation of it outwardly and inwardly but He himself, is enteral, the worlds, the letters, the parables, that is tanzeel of it, and that is created, how was it brought down to Mohammad's qalb, how did Jibrael (as) do it? how was it read?? did Jibreal (as) do no more but link Mohammad (saw) heart with the unseen and order him to read the glorious truth? i don't know, but what is for sure is that it is God's very recital, and Mohammad (saw) read the recital that very same time when order 'read, read with then name of your lord', how was it read with the name of the lord?? what is the qalam, what is the luh, what is the kursi, what is the arsh? I know I and many others are blind so we don't recgonize Quran is actually around us and has always been, in reality what we have is but a reminder to us, we being blind and swallod up below even the lowest of the seven earths thinking its a new revelation, all books were tanzeel, they were all haqs revealed in measurement, the Quran is directly from the entrusted amana,wiliyatal takweeni is that reality, the shariah is tanzeel of that in our dark world, it is brought down in measurement of God's eternal truth, it contains solutions for all aspects of our dark world aswell as healings for all diseases, it deals with out political and social needs but it's goal is to bring man to knowing his lord because it his majectic recital, and thus when reading suratal layalatal qadr we know the muhadamadiya reality is higher then all previous realities, infact better then a thousand nights with out it, but all books had the nabasof this naba, it had do, is this the same nabal atheem that we say it refers to Ali (as) when it says 'what do they differ about, the nabaal atheem?' ? was there any exageration when in Ali (as) sermon of twin golfs? is that the same nabal atheem that is yamal qayama? is the the same nabal atheem that is layatal qadr? are we satisfied at this level of ours neither understanding its parables that have brought down to bring us of our layers of darkness and loss of senses, to the reality of God's glory, to regaing our real conciousness? to understand this book containg all parables for man in his ever dark world of parables, people are satisfied of following and sticking to blind scholars interpetation of it like Abu Hanifa and Ibn Kathir, even our scholars cannot interpet in a full aspect, the Quran has many surahs for our sake, it has 7, or 70, or 70 000 levels of viels, those who abandon ahlulbayt (as) abandon the Quran, they follow other then the Quran, the sunnis follow other then the Quran, if they were look closely one bit at this book, they would not have remained sunnis, shias who deny irfan, are in the same category as them, those who ignore their political duties (for justice and helping opressed) and deny the neccessity of those duties (ie. saying they are abrogated), are the same category as them, those who belittle God's hands to soceity and deny this aspect of Quran fall in the same category, God has not allowd difference in his religion, read the sermon 18 of nahjul balagha, abandoning Quran and follow a marjaa instead is unacceptable, a marjaa who denies any of these clear aspects of Quran and his follower are abadoners of its light, they follow their howa and are not treading its clear signs, who tries to limit the Quran to his perspective and understanding is following his dark desires, not the quran, the reason why the Quran remains dark to him is because he follows his howa, he takes what is advantageous to him and leaves other aspects of it aside, if u don't understand the political aspect of Quran, don't deny it, if you don't understand the spiritual teaching or philisophical, don't be like those cursed sunni scholars who do takfeer of those who did ilmel kalam, don't this with God's walis who have specialized its mystical aspect, cause it increases such people who deny and limit it to their desires but with destruction, no one has the rights to limit the Quran to his persepctive, the Quran has phlilisophical, political, social, spiritual wayefering, scientific realites, and has much more sciences we have not begin to talk of , everyone is allowd to benefit from it and people should not deny other people knowledge and just acknowledge their own, however everyone must admit that only who he was addressed to knows the Quran, Imam Jaffar (as) said this to Abu Hanifa the blind proud one in his minute knowledge, it was addressed to Mohammad (saw) and no one has the Quran collected inwardly and outwardly but the heart of Imam Mahdij (may God hasten his appeareance), however if u see a scholar denying aspects of the Quran which has made clear by others, he should be abandoned and warned about, cause those who hide things that are in God's book are earning God's curse, do not follow any scholar who does so, who denies sciences, don't be like the peopel of the book who took their scholars as arbaban, follow what is revealed from your lord not anything else than that, do this by benefiting from people who approach God's book sincerely, who accept its sciences, its mystic and political and social and philisophical medicines that have been expilicity spread by Ahlulbayt (as), people like Khomeini (ra) accept all these aspects, who wants to deny any of these aspects is not a scholar in my view, he follows his howa, he is proud of the little knowledge he has and belittles whatever he does not

this my call for ev1 to take a closer look at God's book, things like wiliyatal fakhi and irfan should not be denied by anyone cause its clear in the quran, just stop loving yourself and think about its verses, read and ponder, forget everything but God and what he wants with his creation when reading it


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