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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Your Own Captured Photos

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Some pics I took in Fiji recently:

Here's a bit of everything from a recent trip =) Malaysia Oh dear... Thailand Singapore Iran Sayeda Ma3sooma (as) Imam Al-Rida (as)

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klashankov is the best assault rifle.other famous rifles such as krinkov or M16 are designed for different circumstances.G3 which is official gun of pak Army and Frontier corps is also heavier than Klashankov,but due to bigger caliber it harms more.

Klashankov have proved its worth more than anyone.even israeli armi uses the modified version of klashnkov.(thier engineer have shorten the barrel and made it lil compact+accurate and beautiful)

Now, I am not saying the Kalashnikov is a bad rifle. But it is dated and certainly not the best. The IDF and others [the Vepr in Ukraine] modify it to improve the rifle. That is, to make it better. Usually this involves shortening the barrel to make it easier to move with, re-aim and disengage and so on. To make it even shorter most put the magazine behind the pistol grip; this also makes it much easier to fire while standing.

Some improve the rate of fire and lengthen the rounds. Like the actual best modern assault rifle - the A-91m. The next best is the OTs-14 Groza. Both Russian. More compact, easier to move with and re-aim, higher rate of fire [by about one hundred and fifty rounds per minute when set against the Kalashnikov; the A-91 adds another hundred besides], superior distance, longer rounds. Groza. In Russian that means thunderstorm. You get in the way of OTs-14 fire and you are within three hundred metres: it is going in and it is coming out. Even if you are wearing body armour or hiding behind something [depends on what kind of body armour or what you are hiding behind of course]. Pounded the Chechens to pulse. The A-91m is even better, but more expensive.

Both also have optional attachable grenade launchers. Cannot do that with a Kalashnikov.

There was a jail break this year in bannu(kpk) pakistan,where Taliban raided and took 100s of criminals including their fellow taliban and a guy who was who was a high profile prisoner(he was master mind of an assassination attempt on former president)

and these tali-bands used kalashankov.(they also had rpg's though but never used them)

Exactly. That the Taliban uses them does not help your case.

The incident you mentioned really proves very little. Maybe they planned and timed it well, used them right, caught the guards off-guard, guards were generally unprepared and so on. Assault rifles are judged on their performance broadly [rate of fire, accuracy, capacity to puncture and so on]. In these respects the Kalashnikov is dated. No modern army that can afford not to uses them anymore.

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Your sister in faith - you did not like my last pictures of a castle? :no: No kind comment either?


AWWW!!!! Sweet. I am sorry brother. I did see them on my cell phone but forgot to like em. Sowie!!!! They are very pretty. MASHALLAH

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Cool pics, DA4.

The good old England ahhh...your England pics...they make me nostalgic. Those good ol' dayz. Three years already and I haven't gone back...feels like an eon hence...

How I miss the golden time I spent there. It was full of hardship and difficulty for me yet at the same time it was golden. Oh how I long to tread those lonely and deserted paths again, feed those hungry ducks craning their necks to locate slices of stale bread in my hand, watch shadows of dusk falling across the face of the serene lake, shivering in cold yet not covering myself properly, lost in dreams of life and future, of hope and action, of love and enmity, leading to ever more disillusion...and how I'd like to dream up all that again.

Never say England ever to be again....

Miss you Laura <3


And Laura..was that the name of your favourite duck ? :P

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Nah, poetry.

And Laura..was that the name of your favourite duck ? :P

Yep, she was my favourite, and she was a pappu duck, but she cost me a lot of money and energy. No half measures; no stale bread. She only liked Chicken Karahi that I cooked with my own hands :wub:

Loool, I'm messing. She was actually my academic supervisor - a 75 years old granny, a sweet and kind woman. :P

...Oh but she did love Chicken Karahi.

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