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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

For the people who were muslim all their lives

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As Salaam Alaikum,

I can't really imagine life without being Muslim. hmmm..

My mother she was non-Muslim when I was born, and raised me for a while without my Muslim dad (though I always knew that I was Muslim, no matter what).

Anyways, she defintly wouldn't had allowed us to grow up ignorant, bad, etc. because we've always been good kids, even when she wasn't Muslim. So I think that I would of still been good and have positive stuff in life, etc.


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Guest SayedM'sSister
Its a bit hard and scary to imagine life without islam.Thank God i was born a muslim....its not very easy to leave the religon you were born with and convert to something else.


i agree with that, the people who are born a different religion have it harder than muslims because they need to convert when they eventually find the right path, but as a muslim born, i cant imagine how my life would be if i wasnt muslim.

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for me my life would be Paradise while its hell!.. ( in this world)

and my hereafter would be Hell while it should be Paradise for me lol

you get me? if you didnt then im Sorry !.. lol

basically I would follow my desires but say if i used my Aqal i would get paradise in this world as well as in the hereafter ( if i became Muslim , Shia)

but Alhumdulilah i was born Muslim and Shia ne Ali

so it means im living in Paradise now !... thnx to Imam Ali(a.s) for whom im following :)


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Not sure, don't really want to think about it...But everytime I hear a gurl or guy having some [Edited Out]py problems (idk like getting drunk n acting stupid n embarassing themselves.. or having some problems due to bf/gf and partying...etc..) I always think: "Ah!! ALhamdulilah I'm Muslim! Don't have to worry about being in this sorta situation!"

Oh and if anyone's ever seen the musical: Rent............uff man you'll be so thankful you're muslim lol..atleast thats all I kept thinking throughout the whole thing!

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Without Islam I would have followed my desires all the way and probebly would have ended up in some :wacko: cant even imagine.

Islam gave me mission in life, character,peace, safety, rest of everything I have, and have taken them for granted and cant think of them. Without Islam I would have been a biiiig ZERO :squeez:

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Last two options are one i would opt to vote, if they're combined.

As i'm a Muslim, infinite thanks to the Lord God, that i'm in the best nation ( Islam).

Suppose if i was a non-Muslim ( may God forbid) me, i would have never believed in God, religion, Canon etc, I would be Hedonist, atheist.

I would have done all thing which are pleasurable but are considered sin by other, because i wouldn't have believed them to be sin, for me everything would have been normal.

Its only because of Islam, that i refrain from un-lawful things, its only because of Islam that i'm modest and practise modesty, its only because of Islam that i prohibit Haram food.

But since, by grace of God, i'm Muslim, i'm nothing without Islam.

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