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In the Name of God بسم الله

Imam Hasan

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I think the point here may be that WE don't misunderstand the Prophet.

For example, we don't say he was unlettered, or that he didn't know that he was a Prophet, and that Lady Khadija had to take him to her Christian Monk cousin who told him hey, you're a Prophet!

Same for the other Imams. Imam Al Ridha for example is not accused of compramising with the enemy or being intrested in power and thus accepting the position of the crown prince.

Unfortunately, the two personalities much maglined and misunderstood are Imam Al Hasan and Hazrat Abu Talib.

One accusued of being a coward and having many wives (naudubillah), the other of not even being a Muslim!


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^Yes that hadeeth is nice, but I agree that we do neglect the status of Imam Hassan. World wide we focus on Ashura and Hussain Day (which isn't a bad thing) but what do we do for Imam Hasan besides commemerating his wiladat and wafat? But in general shias tend to give a lot of focus to Ashura and the martyrdom of Imam 'Ali (as) and less in other areas (this is just my personal observation). Where as the 14 masumeen, all of the Ahlul Bayt and many others have helped the cause of Islam.

Remember, that both the second and third Imams were sons of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima and thus both are important. They both had similar qualities. Infact, Imam Hassan was also the Imam of his brother Imam Hussayn and so we should give him the utmost respect and recognize what he has done for Islam. We show a lot of important for the ones who fought the battle of Kerbala and though Imam Hassan did not physically fight it, he too suffered a lot and had to apply patience. It's not always easy to apply patience in opressive situations, especially when you are the chosen ones from Allah swt. But for the cause of the Almighty, he walked on the path chosen for him.


sis ansoo

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The peace carried out by Imam Hassan(as) was just as difficult as kerbala was for Imam Hussain(as), as said by one of the scholars I know. The reason is that in this peace, Muwayia had to technically accept his own inferiority over Imam Hassan(as). Whereas in Kerbala, yezid never admitted that Imam Hussain(as) was superior. So this is the remarkable achievement of Imam Hassan(as) and it is seldom dicussed.

The point is that if Imam Hassan(as) had been in his brother's place, he would have done the same thing and vice versa.

Is there not the famous incident of when the two imams, when they were little were playing with the marbles and they said that whoever will get more marbles will be superior. And in the end, they had equal marbles and only one marble was left. So Jibrael came and divided that single marble into two. This was Allah's way of showing to us that both are exactly equal.

Unfortunately, yes he is one of the lesser known imams. Maybe its high time we do something about this.

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i think most of us fail to educate ourselves, but its not just Imam Hasan (as). Generally speaking, in most of the majalis/lectures, Moulanas only focus on either Imam Ali (as) or Imam Hussain (as). Not much is ever mentioned about the rest.  Even on the shahadat majlis of the other Imams, it seems like some moulanas don’t even know what to say about the Imam, so they end up talking about Kerbala. :blink: 

But basically, all the Imams have an equally important role. and its a shame we know so much about a couple and next to nothing about the rest. :no: :(


Jeetee raho queenie. Mayray dil kee baat keh dee . . . .

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(salam) ,

yes i do believe that sometimes we do neglect Imam Hasan[as]. People seem to turn more toward Imam Ali[as] and Imam Hussain[as]. Actually come to think of it, everyone else in Imam Hasan[as]'s family has reached a high fame except for him :( thats sad. [i.e.-Imam Ali[as], Bibi Fatima[as], Imam Hussain[as], Bibi Zainab[as], Hazrat-e-Abbas[as]] I never really noticed that but meh. Also, i noticed that its not only Imam Hasan who may not get a lot of attention. We have other Imams that i dont see much about like Imam Taqi[as], Imam Naqi[as] and Imam Askari[as]. what is up with that? :huh:

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we must remember that it was imam hasan's speech against the people of jamal that moved the crowd of kufa so much that they joined the army of imam Ali ..... all potrayl of hasan as a pacificst ia a part of character assasination by the neo-ummayyads

it must be said however that hasan still had a group of followers who were prepared to fight to the death with him but had he pursued this option they would have been labelled as "murderers of uthman" by the opposition and would have ended up as a group of khawarij

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(salam) (bismillah)

Please read the full story. It is full of questions and answers from our dear Imam Hassan(as)

The below is just the introduction

Ref : http://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=272

Imam Hassan´s (as) Sermon when Muawiya said "Refer to our merits." after Signing the Peace Treaty

All praise and thanks belong to Allah. Peace be upon Muhammad (pbuh) the Prophet and his family.

This is I for those who know me. For those who do not know me, I say that I am Al-Hasan (as) , the son of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) . I am the son of the proclaimer of the good tidings and the warner. I am the son of the chosen for the Divine Message. I am the son of that whom the angels have blessed. I am the son of that by whom the umma have been honored. I am the son of that to whom Gabriel the angel was the emissary of Allah. I am the son of that whom was sent as mercy for the peoples. All peace and blessings be upon him and his family.

As Muawiya could not control his malice and envy, he said to the Imam (as) , "O Hasan (as) , describe ripe dates for us."

Imam al-Hasan (as) said: Yes, Muawiya, I will do. Ripe dates are pollinated by the wind, puffed by the sun, colored by the moon, ripened by hot weather, and cooled by night.

Imam al-Hasan(A.S.) then was back to continue his sermon: I am the son of that whose supplication is answered. I am the son of that who was as close to his Lord as the distance of two bows, or even less. I am the son of the obeyed interceder. I am the son of Makkah and Mina. I am the son of that to whom the people of Quraish submitted unwillingly. I am the son of that whose follower will be happy and whose disappointer will be unhappy. I am the son of that to whom the earth has been made a place of prostration and pure. I am the son of that to whom the news of the heavens came successively. I am the son of those from whom Allah has kept filth away and purified them thoroughly.

Muawiya said: O Hasan (as), I think you are willing for the position of caliphate!"

Imam al-Hasan (as) answered: Woe to you, Muawiya. The true caliph is that who pursues the practices of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and acts upon the obedience to Allah. I swear by my life, we are surely the signs of guidance and the light marks of God-fearing. You, Muawiya, are one of those who extinguished the (prophetic) traditions, livened up heresies, betook Allah's

servants as slaves and Allah's wealth as means of play.Hence,He caused your affairs to be obscure and you will live for a short time and burden the consequences of your evildoings. O Muawiya, Allah has created two cities: one in the east and the other in the west. He named them Jabulqa and Jabulsa. Except my grandfather the Prophet (pbuh), Allah has never sent anyone to these cities.

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In respect to the anniversary of the martyrdom of our 2nd Imam I thought I would post this. The events which happened at the grave of Imam Hasan ibn Ali (as) at the time of his burial. It brought tears to me eyes when I read about what Imam Husain (as) said about his brother and what their brother Muhammad e Hanifya said also. Truly a sad day for all Islam.

It really shows the love that the two brothers had for each other.

At the Tomb

Imam al-Husayn (as), the master of martyrs, stood on the edge of the grave. He was staring at his brother and he did not blink. His heart was not quiet. He praised his brother. He coined words from his sadness, saying: “May Allah have mercy on you, O Abu Muhammad! You reflected on the most likely places of the truth. You preferred Allah during the time of the refutation in the places of precautionary dissimulation with deliberation. You perceived the great misfortunes of the world with an eye that disrespected and overcame them with a hand with pure parts and family. You deterred the actions of your enemies with provisions easy to you. No wonder! You belong to the progeny of Prophethood and you suckled the milk of wisdom. Therefore you have gone to happiness and bounty and a garden of bliss. May Allah make great the reward for you and us, grant you and us with good comfort!”[2]

Then he sat down on the grave, watered it with the tears of his eyes, and recited:

Should I oil my head or should my beauties be good while your cheek is covered with dust and you are plundered?

Should I drink the water of the rain clouds with other than its water while the bowels have included a flame because of you?

Or should I enjoy the world for a thing I dedicate to all that which a dear one approaches to you?

I will weep for you as long as a dove coos and a twig becomes green in the large trees in al-Hijaz.

He is a stranger and the sides of al-Hijaz have surrounded him. Verily all those under the earth are strangers.

Therefore let not the survival rejoice at those who have passed away, for everyone has a share of death.

He who has been afflicted with his own property is not plundered, but he who has buried his brother is plundered.

My crying is long and my tears are plentiful. You are far, but your shrine is near.

Your relative is he whose vision addresses you; and those who are under the earth do not have a relative.[1]

Then his sad, bereaved brother Muhammad bin al-Hanafiya walked towards the grave and stood on its edge as if he suffered from death struggle. He responded to the feelings of his sad soul and broken heart, which had no room for anything except sorrow and sadness. He coined words from his sadness, saying: “May Allah have mercy on you, O Abu Muhammad! By Allah, your life had strengthened us, but your death has weakened us. The most excellent soul is that which your body built, the best body is that which your shroud has included, and the best shroud is that which your grave has contained. Of course, you are so, for you are the descendant of guidance, ally of men of piety, and the fifth of the people who where under the cloak. Your grandfather is al-Mustafa (the Prophet), your father is al-Murtadha (Imam Ali), your mother is Fatima al-Zahra’, and your cousin is Ja‘far al-Tayyar in the Garden of Abode. The hands of the truth fed you; you were brought up in the lap of Islam, and the breasts of faith nursed you. So you are good dead or alive. Our souls have not hated your life nor do they have doubt that the choice belonged to you, and that you and your brother are the two masters of the youths of the Garden. Therefore, O Abu Muhammad, peace from us be on you!”[2]


[1] Maqtal al-Husayn, vol. 1, p. 142. It was said that Muhammed bin al-Hanafiya recited the poetry lines.

[2] Zahrat al-Adab, vol. 1, p. 55. Al-Ya‘qubi, Tarikh, vol. 200, p. 2.


After Imam al-Hasan had been buried and praised, the people warmly condoled Imam al-Husayn (a.s) who was standing and thanking them for their condolences.

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unfortunately many many many brothers and sisters don't know the great sacrifice the imam made for us, the amount he had to bear, his records and hadiths have been destroyed like many of the imams, i just wish that people would acknowledge him as a caliph and not as a man who was the target of propaganda. many sunnis dont even achnoedge him as a caliph, look into history, the sunni first rashudun caliph,then ummayad and in many places they hide the fact that he was a caliph

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Another son of Imam Hassan a.s Hassan Mussana (a.s) fought but he was seriously injured but later survived.

I thought there was only one adult male survivor, and he was ill at the time of the battle. Can you recommend a book or article in English where I can read more about the survivors?

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