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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

left wing/Right wing! what is it ?

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Guest Musulmano

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Guest Musulmano


I'm Having a problem with trying to understand the meaning of Left wing and Right wing ?

What is it?

and could you possibly give me an Example aswell?

Plus what is the difference bettween Libertarianism and Liberalism ?


Looking forward to Replys many more questions along the way!


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Hassan, thank you for the explanation of the US situation. Here in Europe it's comparable, but slightly different. Most countries on the Continent have a multi-party system. In my country, everyone with a Dutch passport who manages to collect a certain number of autographs and does not have a criminal past, can found a political party. Every party is placed somewhere on the leftwing/rightwing spectrum. The left wing are generally the socialists and more progressive ones, the right wing are the liberals and conservative ones. (liberal means here maximum economic freedom, ie low taxes, low regulation for the businesses, coming down to keeping the rich rich at the cost of the poor) The left wing is the one caring most about human rights, the rights of minorities, women's rights, peace promotion etcetera.

Maybe you also hear "extreme left wing"/ "extreme right wing". These are radicals, whose political influence is often limited. The extreme left wing consists of communists and violent animal activists. The best example of an extreme left wing movement was the Rote Armee Fraktion in Germany. The extreme right wing consists of neonazis and xenophobes. Unfortunately there are quite some such parties in Europe: in the Netherlands and Germany they hardly ever make it to the parliament (that is, if they're not forbidden), in Belgium and France they are unfortunately quite influential. (Vlaams Blok/Front National)

A special position in the left wing/right wing spectrum is taken by the parties based upon religion. They are generally situated right from the middle because of their conservatism, but they can also have a strong socialist (supporting esp families) and peace-promoting agenda. (but they generally do not support religious minorities) So they do not really fit into the spectrum.

Though, depending on the situation, all the above can change. One example: there is a pretty large liberal party here (wanting minimum state control) But this party is also strongly anti-islamic. So it could happen that a spokeswoman of the liberals was pleading for state control on the upbringing of Muslim children! Politics are a crazy game sometimes.

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