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Dozens killed in Pakistan trains' collision

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ISLAMABAD, July 13 (Xinhuanet) -- Three passenger trains collided early Wednesday near Ghotki in Pakistan's southern Sindh province, leaving dozens of people dead and hundreds of others injured.

The collision also destroyed 17 carriages, private Geo TV reported.

Dozens of people were killed and hundred of others injured. And17 carriages were destroyed.

The accident occurred at about 4:00 a.m. (2300GMT) at Sarhad station near Ghotki, about 600 kilometers northeast of Karachi, provincial capital of Sindh. A Quetta Express was static in the station for repair when a Karachi Express collided with it from the rear.

The Quetta Express was bringing passengers from the eastern city of Lahore to the southwestern city of Quetta, when it developed a technical problem.

Technicians were working on the train when it was hit by the Karachi Express , a night-coach passenger train bringing people from Lahore to the southern port city of Karachi.

The collision caused three carriages to derail and spill over onto another track where they were struck by the third train Tezgam, which was carrying people from Karachi northward to Rawalpindi, twin city of Islamabad.

Train traffic has been suspended in the station. Relief helicopters, relief trains from Multan in Punjab province and Rohri, about 100 kilometers southwest of Ghotki, are on their way to the accident site. Police and other law enforcement personnel have been called out for rescue, said the private TV. Enditem



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President, premier grieved over Ghotki train accident

(Updated at 0905 PST)

ISLAMABAD: President General Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Wednesday expressed deep sense of grief and sorrow over the trains accident near Ghotki and ordered probe into the tragedy.

Its is pertinent to mention there were reports of death of around 250 people while more than 1000 people wounded.

Relief activities begin in Ghotki

(Updated at 0835 PST)

GHOTKI: Relief activities after the train collision in Ghotki have started. In charge of the Edhi centre Sukkur Haji Aziz told Geo that as soon as the news about the accident were received 20 cars were sent to the scene of the accident while our workers have also reached the area in large numbers.

Aziz said that it is suspected that at least 150 to 200 people have been killed in the accident however nothing concrete could be said at the moment regarding the casualties. The relief staff from Karachi and Hyderabad has also been summoned on urgent basis while the injured are being shifted to Panho Aqil, Ghotki and Sukkur.

Railway station staff disappears after accident

(Updated at 0825 PST)

GHOTKI: After the terrible collision between the three trains near Ghotki no higher official has reached the scene of the accident.

DPO Ghotki Agha Mohammad Tahir has said that after the accident the staff of the NWFP railway station is nowhere to be found and every staff member has escaped. Agha said that the reason behind the accident could only be found after the investigation however, one technical fault can be the small distance between the Quetta Express, which was coming from Punjab, and the Naib coach which was approximately near it.

The Quetta express was stopped near the NWFP railway station so that the night coach (Karachi Express) can be given a pathway however the night coach was also given a path on the same line where the Quetta express was standing after which both the trains collided. After the collision, the bogeys of both cars smashed and dropped far away, especially some bogeys of the Quetta express, which was going from Karachi to Lahore. On the same time the Rawalpindi, bound Tezgam from Karachi collided with the bogeys of the Quetta express.

At least seven bogeys of the Quetta express while five bogeys of the Tezgam express have been seriously affected.

200 to 250 die in trains accident: DPO Ghotki

(Updated at 0815 PST)

GHOTKI: Hundreds of peoples were killed and injured when three trains collided near Ghotki here on Wednesday.

DPO Ghotki Muhammad Aga Muhammad Tahir there was no exact figure about the casualties, however he said according initial reports around 200 to 250 people killed and about 1000 wounded.

``It is a very gruesome situation,'' Agha Mohammed Tahir said.

``Rescue workers have started to pull the dead and injured out. There were many people inside and there are a lot of casualties.''

He said they were being shifted to Ghotki hospital. He added that relief and medial personnel had arrived while medical team has also been called from Pano Aqil.

Rangers and private doctors have also arrived on the spot and first aid was being given to wounded passengers.

Hundreds dead and injured as three trains collide near Ghotki

(Updated at 0655 PST)

GHOTKI: Hundreds of people were killed and injured when three passenger trains collided at Ghotki railway station on Wednesday causing a derailment of at least three carriages.

According to Geo TV, it was terrible accident where bodies were spreading everywhere and injured were crying.

Ambulances were called in from nearby cities while army, rangers and policemen were retrieving bodies from damaged bogies of trains.

According to railway authorities, at least 500 people dead and injured in the accident, while debris of 13 bogies.

The accident occurred at about 4 a.m. when a train sitting in a station near Ghotki, in Sindh, was rear-ended by a second train, coming from Lahore. People had just trying to come out the damaged trains when Tezgam going to Lahore from Karachi struck against this train.

Relief activities were continued.

Several feared dead and injured as three trains collide near Ghotki

(Updated at 0605 PST)

GHOTKI: Dozens of people feared and injured severely when two bogies of Quetta Express train derailed after three trains collided near Ghotki.

Relief teams have been sent to site and railway traffic has suspended between Punjab and Sindh.

According to details, Quetta Express coming from Lahore, was standing at Sarhad Railway Station in Sindh, the Night Coach (Karachi Express) collided with it.

Railway officials and relief workers just arrived on the spot, when Tezgam, going to Lahore from Karachi collided with these two trains.

After the accident, debris of the trains spread everywhere. Red alert was announced in Rohri and Ghotki.

Helicopters of relief organizations have been flown to Ghotki from Karachi. Higher railway authorities also arrived on the spot.

There was no immediate report of any death but dozens of people are feared dead.

Several injured as three trains collide near Ghotki

(Updated at 0515 PST)

GHOTKI: Several people were injured when two bogies of Quetta Express train derailed after three trains collided near Ghotki.

According to The NEWS, relief teams have been sent to site and railway traffic has suspended.

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Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elayhi Rajeoon..


THe no. has risen to 150.. :(

Triple Paksitan train crash leaves 150 dead.



IT says:

"It's a disaster, very clearly the result of negligence," said provincial government spokesman Salahuddin Haider.

"How can two trains be allowed to run on the same track?" he said, referring to the two express trains involved in the initial crash.

"Why was one train not stopped from coming on when one train was already standing there for repairs?"

NEgligence?? In the case of people's lives?? :angry: Playing with their lives??

I hope there are no more dead or injured.

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