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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Molana Jalal-e-Din Mohammad Molavi Rumi

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Dear all falles

Please just write poems or poerty from Molana Jalal-e-Din Mohammad Molavi Rumi

Thank you





September 29, 1207 A.D. or 6th Rai'u-'l-avval 604 A.H.


Balkh in the north-eastern provinces of Persia (present day Afghanistan).

Name Jalal-e-Din Mohammad


Full Title

Mevlana Jalal-e-Din Mohammad Mevlavi Balkhi Rumi


Baha'u-'d-Din Veled Sultan-'l-Ulema



Grandfather: Jalale-'d-Din Huseyn el Khatibi

Grandmother: Malika'i Jihan - daughter of Khurram-shah King of Khorasan

Brother: Ala'u-'d-Din (2 years older)

Sister: Not known - Married and remained in Balkh

Wife: Gevher Khatun - daughter of Lala Sharafu-'d-Din of Samarqand.

2nd Wife: Unknown


Son - Killed with Shams

Daughter - married a local prince and left Qonya (Konya)

Son - Muhammad Baha'u-'d-Din Sultan Veled

Son - unknown


Childhood: Burhanu-'d-Din Serr-Daan el Muhaqqiq el Huseyni of Balkh

Later in Life: Shams-e-Din Muhammad Ibn Malik-dad Tabrizi

Important Events

Age 5 His family left his birth-place of Balkh for Baghdad

Age 8 From Baghdad to Mecca and Damascus and finally to Malatia (in Western Euphrates in Turkey)

Age 19

(1226 ad) Married Gevher Khatun

and finally moved to Qonya (Konya) in the north-western provinces of Persia (in present day Turkey).

Age 37 On Saturdday, November 28, 1244 A.D. or 26th of Jamadi-ul0akhar 642 A.H., Rumi and Shams met

Age 39 On March 14, 1246, 21st Shewwal, 643, Shams left Qonya and Rumi for the first time.


Divan-e-Shams A compendium of poetry in praise of Shams in over 45,000 verses in Farsi (Persian)

Mathnavi Rumi's most famous work in 7 books, and 24,660 couplets, in Farsi and some Arabic. This work is also commonly refered to as the Persian Quoran.

Fihi ma Fihi Introductory discourses on metaphysics



At sunset of December 16, 1273 A.D. 5th Jamadi-u-'l-Akhar 672 A.H. at the age of 66 solar years or 68 Lunar years.


At home in Qonya.


In such revealing nights I swoon

Others crescent is my full moon

The night when beloved is in our midst

A night as revealing as a hundred high noon.

Around us impotent causality fails

For I long for the day that First Cause unveils

A mendicant poverty won’t shun

Others’ hardships he proudly entrails.

God forbid such emblems under my gown

In every town I wear such crown

The pearl that outgrows both worlds

Within the sea of my heart shall drown.

In this world attained our resurrection grade

Till thoughts of the other & Judgement Day fade

Settle for God’s never ending grace

Grace of all others try to evade.

All the world like Shams-e Tabriz

Is under the parasol shade.


Ya Ali

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