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In order to reinforce the Assyrian people's ancient and close connection with the Yezidi nation, originating from the veneration of the old Assyrian-Babylonian deities, Assyria Liberation Party or GFA took a critical first-step to invite His Excellency Anwar Muawiya, the Prince of the Yezidi nation.


Lecture at Assur Association in Fittja (south of Stockholm); Yezidi delegation from Armenia, Dr. Ibrahim Afram (Furkono), Prince Anwar Muawiya, Aziz Aziz (Assur Association)

Prince Anwar, for the first time, has written a book, that fully explains the history, laws and attitudes of the Yezidi people. These characteristics are somewhat similar to those of the Assyrians. Contrary to common belief, Yezidis worship God and not Satan, and consider themselves innocent from the crime of the murder of Al-Hussein- a Shiite Imam - in A.D. 680.

GFA and the Editors of Furkono Magazine supported the publication of Prince Anwar's book in Arabic language and scheduled several lectures in many Assyrian associations in Sweden. The main purpose of these meetings was to demonstrate that the Yezidi and Assyrian people come from the same race and ancestry.

Amir Anwar was very lively and high-spirited in every meeting he attended. He is a man of great genius, very charismatic and is quite popular, as is clearly evident in his photos and videos.

21 February

Prince Anwar and his delegation arrive in the evening in Stockholm, Sweden.

Several GFA members and Furkono Magazine staff were present to welcome the Prince. Issues related to the Assyrians were addressed to the Prince as soon as we met.


22 February

We accompanied his Excellency and his delegation to visit His Grace Bishop Mar Julius Abdelahad Shabo of the Syrian Orthodox Church. Also present were the members of the church's board of directors, minister of the church Rev. Gabriel Barqasho, as well as the representative of Assyrian media and other associations. The Prince presented the Bishop a copy of his book and Bishop reciprocally presented him the Amir with a book.

In the evening at Assur Club the Prince gave a speech and responded to many questions.

23 February

The Prince had a meeting with the executives of the Bethnahrin Association. Rev. Gabriel Barqasho and a group of 120 Assyrian youth from Sweden were also present. The Prince, very eloquently, explained to the youth that "your Assyrian mother is waiting for you in your homeland".

The Prince made a short visit in downtown to visit the museums. He then visited many prominent Assyrian community personalities and finally met with the GFA for the first round of his political meetings.

24 February

Early in the morning his Excellency Amir Anwar Muawiya and his delegation was visited by His Grace Salwan Shakir, the head of Mandawi people (the Jhonists). Present were also several many representatives of the Assyrian magazines.

The Prince and His Grace Salwan Shakir exchanged books and had a meeting with many people attending at the Assyrian Cultural Association in Sodertalje. Amir Anwar responded to many questions after his speech.


5 February

In the morning His Grace Bishop Mar Julius and the church leaders came to Bethnahrin Cultural Association and visited the Prince. At seven o'clock a gathering was held in Tensta Assyrian Culture Association. Amir Anwar spoke beautifully and answered many questions addressed by the audience and Swedish journalists who already had an interview with him.

Amir Anwar had a short meeting with the members of the Beth-Nahrin Democratic Party.

John Nimrod, Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, called from Chicago and invited his Excellency Amir Anwar to visit the United States in the near future.

26 February

On our way to Gothenburg we stopped in Orebro, where a journalist from the Swedish newspaper "Nerikes Allehanda" interviewed Amir Anwar. The interview has already been published in the Swedish newspapers.

At seven o'clock in Gothenburg, all four Assyrian associations gathered in West Frolunda with Amir. The Prince gave a superb speech and offered answers to the questions.

Prince Amir Anwar then presented Assyria Liberation Party a Golden Sword with the Yezidi emblem in a symbolic gesture of gratitude and long-lasting friendship.

Assyrian Liberation Party (GFA)


[Zinda Magazine's interview with Amir Anwar will be published in an upcoming issue. Zinda Crew thank their colleagues at Furkono Magazine for the production of the above article which will also appear in a future issue of Furkono.]

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