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In the Name of God بسم الله

Any1 know where I can find...

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Salaams everyone

I had a question. anyone know where I can find an english version of a Jantri????(i maybe off in spelling) its suppose to be an islamic book or magazine with duas and stuff and it kinda sorta tells you like religious remidies and tips.. I been searching all over and Ive found it in Urdu but cant seem to locate one in English...

If anyone knows what Im talking about or where I can find it please let me know..

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The English translation first came out in 2002. It is called Fazil Islamic Almanac and the name of the publisher is Hasan Publications, Urdu Bazar, Lahore. There is an email address for enquiries which is hasanpublication@hotmail.com. They also give a website address but it is showing as "cannot find server". This information is from the Jantri I bought in 2002, so maybe the web address is now non-existent or renamed?



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Thank you so much for the information... hopefully they will have it.. Im surprised no Islamic book store in the states sells it... It would be something to look into cuz alot of people I ask say they would like one also

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