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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Pizza Pizza Resignation letter

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I used to work at the Pizza PIzza call center in ottawa (they have three in ontario, ottawa, hamilton and toronto) and i just finished working there, i just thought i'd share my resignation letter.

Dear Franchise Owners Ltd.

I regret to inform you that I no longer wish to be part of your organization for reasons which are rather unfortunate and disappointing. I have come to the decision based on a number of factors all of which were under the control of my managers and were not handled in accordance with fair treatment. The primary factor which led me to come to this decision is one of which rather ridiculous, disappointing, and embarrassing on the behalf of the company.

The reason of which I speak of in such degrading terms came about in mid-December when my grandfather fell gravely ill in Bahrain, the country in which he resides. Since I had not been there in over 3 years and seeing as how my grandfather was said to be on his last months, my father decided to invite me to Bahrain, with a plane ticket that was paid for, in order to meet with him for the possible last time. Although I was aware that Christmas time is the busiest time of the year and that no one was allowed to leave, I was also under the impression that my managers would have the empathy and decency to understand the situation at hand. However, such was not the case as, to my surprise, both of my managers refused my request to leave. This incident did not allow me to visit my grandfather for the last time, which, as anyone knows, is very traumatic. However, this matter was worsened when I discovered that another employee was allowed to leave on vacation during the same period of time that I had requested on a less urgent matter. Helene D. was taken off the schedule from mid-December to the time of January 3rd 2005. When asked as to where she had been gone, several eluding responses were given until the matter became clear to me that the managers had given her time off during the so-called busiest time of the year without any further consequences (i.e. loss of job, reprimand).

At this point, the problem to me had escalated from slight disappointment to sheer anger as I felt that the company that I worked for cared neither for my personal family needs nor for my dignity as I had been deceived and lied to. The issue further worsened when looking at the total amount of money that was lost during this unsuccessful attempt to visit a dying grandfather since the airfare ticket has now become null and void and re-imbursement is not possible at the time.

This is why I have come to the conclusion that Pizza Pizza Ltd is no longer a company which I wish to be part of or support in any way due to the lack of decency and deception that I was subjected to. I hereby tender my resignation and any respect I had previously gained as an employee of this company.


Mohammad A.

Agent 9261

What do you guys think?

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That's terrible brother. Trash the [Edited Out]s. :dry:

In the meantime if you haven't already, register a complaint to the Fair Practices Commission of Ontario Work Safety and Insurance Board. I am pretty sure that what they did was against the work place law. I was going through material from the board at my store a few days ago, and I recall reading that you are entitled to a break at such moments, depending on the circumstance they might be prosecuted.

Phone: 416-603-3010

Toll-free: 1-866-258-4383

TTY: 416-603-3022

TTY Toll-free: 1-866-680-2035

Fax: 416-603-3021


Fair Practices Commission

123 Front Street West

Toronto, Ontario

M5J 2M2

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Guest Thamina

Walaikum salam,

...What the HELL?! :mad: That is absolutely HORRIBLE. I can't even believe that happened. I never liked eating from any Pizza Pizza's here in Ottawa to begin with but now I KNOW I won't ever be giving them any service. I'm just speechless, like what's going on??! I feel so incredibly bad that this happened to you. More action should be taken, they CAN'T get away with that.


I wish you all the best in finding a new job in which your services and your rights are RESPECTED.

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Salam habeaby. Long time no see.

That's not strange for most call centers. I can go on and on talking about it, but I'd rather not.

Are you looking for full-time job? Give me a call or email me your resume and I'll hook you up at Sitel.

Wa salam.

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Pizza Hut?! :mad:

The following is an excerpt from my Blog, dated August 28, 2005


I have a VERY bad headache right now. And I blame it all on PIZZA HUT!!! Death to Pizza Hut!!!! Ok, maybe not completely on Pizza Hut. Most if it is due to work. Today I worked at WaldenBooks, but they stuck me in the middle of the mall at the stupid "Day by Day Calendar Co." stand. Ugh... Basically that means that you walk around and round and round the stupid kiosk asking people "Is there anything I can help you find today?" and everyone says no. Honestly, when I am shopping or browsing around, I don't want anyone to ask me if I need help. If I need help, then I will ask for it! Sheesh...

Anyway... so after work... I go buy some bubble tea (lychee green tea with tapioca)  I'm addicted to it. So then I head over to the bookstore to buy my textbooks, and mum calls saying she wants me to get a Pizza. Now, normally I would order pizza from Brother Bruno's, but damn them. They disappeared into thin air. It was my favourite pizzaria, but one day during March (I think it was March) I wanted Pizza, and what do you know, they are not there anymore! Grrr... sigh, I miss Bruno's. So now I get pizza from Tony's, which is a bit out of my way. So I call them (have it on speed dial) but no one was answering the damn phone. So I head over to stupid Pizza Hut.

God, my headache is getting worse. So I order a pizza and some pasta for myself to go. So I put the pizza and pasta in the backseat of my car. I leave the parking lot, and what do you know, the pasta goes flying off the seat, and I didn't even turn sharply!!! It was a SLOW and SMOOTH turn but the damn pasta went flying. It was in one of those round foil containers with the plastic top. However, they did not put on the top properly, so the pasta spilled on the floor of the backseat. I am ticked. So I pull into IHOP's parking lot to clean it up. All I can say is DEATH TO PIZZA HUT!!! Ok, thank God I had removable carpeting in the back, so I have to wash it, but man, I would've killed Pizza Hut if it spilled on my backseat, cause I don't have covers on them! Anyway, this did not do much to help my headache!! God, where is Brother Bruno's when you need them the most :cry:

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it is my experience that all christian, jews and muslim managers/owner act same way in alomost same kind of situation. they don't have any emotions and they appreciate loyality & dertermination on their own terms & condition. i have a advice to the people here, be a professional, learn whatever you can in a company, try to be one of the best in the industry, if company pays for courses, take the advantage, be loyal to the company but not more than you have to and (its very important) don't stay too long in a company, if you find a job some where and it has better future, take it but before you move, let your company know the reason and may be they offer you some thing better. remember, some times companies match the offer, always tell more amount of money than you have offered, this way when they will match the offer, you will get more money than the originally you had offered. be loyal to yourself & your family before the company you work for, give the time to your wife & kids and don't give that time to your company... period.

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