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Yeh Andheri Raat Aur Tanha Sakina Qaid Mein

Margayi Aakhir Ko Bint e Shah e waala Qaid mein

Ho Gayi Khamosh Bachi Toh Yeh Zainab Ne Kaha

Kar Diya Kyun Tumne Rehnay Ka Iraada Qaid mein

Kaun Hai Jo Ek Chacha Se Ek Bhateeji Ko Milaaye

Nehr Par Abbas Hain Tanha Sakina Qaid Mein

Shaam Tak Jo Saath Aaye Theh Watan Wapas Huay

Reh Gayi Bas Ek Nanhi Si Sakina Qaid Mein

Kis Tarha Neend Aayi Hogi Ek Behan Ko Sochiye

Yaad Aaya Hoga Jab Asghar Ka Jhoola Qaid Mein

Khoo'n bhara Asghar Ka Kurta Sonay Dayta Kab Isay

Mil Bhi Jaata Gar Usay Baba Ka Seena Qaid Mein

Bichri Hogi jab Sakina Khwahar e Shabbir Se

Aayi Hogi Qabr Par Ronay Ko Zahra Qaid Mein

:cry: :cry: :cry: ...

------------:::::TAMAM SHUDH:::::--------------


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Nadeem Sarwar-azadar.com/1430/nauhas/nadeem/index.htm

Hasan Sadiq-azadar.com/1430/nauhas/hassan/index.htm

SHADMAN RAZA- azadar.com/1430/nauhas/shadman/index.htm

MIR HASAN MIR- azadar.com/1430/nauhas/mirhasan/index.htm

SHAHID BALTISTANI- azadar.com/1430/nauhas/shahid/index.htm

Best Nawha-

1) azadar.com/1430/nauhas/shadman/06.mp3

2) azadar.com/1430/nauhas/shahid/01.mp3

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Ya Ali Madad

Please send me this nauha since from long time i m looking for it.Or give me some link where i can find it.

"karbobala se chhoot kar dekho aai hai majai ,

zainab a gayi bhai."

Please help me to find out the nauha.

Ya Ali Madad


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I am searching for the lyrics and mp3 of the following nawha:

Jalte huwe qaymon me sada goonj rahi hai,

abbas abbas abbas bulaao....

zid karti hai soti nahi roti hai sakinaa.......

can sum1 plz lemme know whose nawha is dis, and also help me wid d lyrics and mp3.

Thanks in advance!

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(bismillah) (salam)

If anyone has any nawhays etc. On youtube, I would be very grateful if you could link them here! I am in need of some.. :angel:


P.S. - Apart from Naz :unsure:

Also this could be a topic for anyone who needs any :!!!:

My link - Fatemah Ladak - 2010 Nohay ( Binte Nabi ke Dil ki Dua Matam-e-Hussein a.s )


- Fatemah Ladak: Aey meray baba jaan


- Fatemah Ladak : Mere Ghazi Kahan Ho

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Alright here goes:

1 - Saleh Al-Durazy - Yabu Saleh

- Mahdi Sahwan - La Tas2alni

3 - Saleh Al-Durazy - Ya Zahraa..Thawratun Na7nu Minal Adlaa3i

- Hossein Sibsorkhi - Nade Ali

5 - Abdul Reza Helali - Ishq Ast Abalfazl

- Mahdi Sahwan - Karbala Karbala Karb w Bala

7 - Hamid Alimi - My Whole Existence

- Sheikh Hussein Al-Akraf - Love of Ali (7ubu Ali)

9 - ò Sheikh Hussein Al-Akraf - Damu Ashoura

- Sheikh Hussein Al-Akraf - Sakini Raw3a Nufoos

Here are some, not in any particular order. #8 is a poem, and is translated with English subtitles, I would recommend seeing it first.

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Here's some Arabic ones that I like. ^_^


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