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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Taxation Jihad Against America

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Asalamo Alaikum.

You people might have noticed, that ShiaChat has been very happy and running smoothly after I left. Yeah, my dad made me work at our store. So any ways, the store is located in Leamington Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie, near Peele Island. So loads of American tourists.

Here is the story.

I was sitting on the milk crates minding my own business. That this old man and his wife walked in, the wife bought something and left. The man stayed behind, he seemed to be searching after a while, he brought about a small $.99 bag of Lays. I scan it and tell the total price 1.14 (with 15% tax) and the old man smashes the chips right in my face :angry:, and says: Tax on this ****ing bag of chips too?

And I am standing there like :blink:. Okay.... GET OUTTA MY STORE. Then i look out the window, and indeed the dude was from America. He madee me so mad, that I am gonna rip off every American who comes in now.

The Message of the story: If you don't like taxes then don't come to Canada :angry:.

You know how you can tell the difference between an American and a Canadian.

Usualy the Americans are very very clean, nice ironed and clean clothes, a white smile, shiny hair. And any one who smiles, and seems like he wants to borrow money is a Canadian. and i have had several people from Quebec. The first thing that they ask is where is the Liqour store, the second thing they ask for is the cigarette with the most poisonous...and thats not all, the Quebecers stink so bad that i have to open the door and phone the Ministry of Health :!!!:

By the way there is some Tomato festival going on on the weekend of 20, 21, 22, its gonna bring in people 3-4 times the local population, so if u live close you are welcome, and you will recieve free tap water from me :rolleyes:. Its fun for kids, and there are lots of Arabs here too with farms, you can get realy cheap vegetables, specially those that aren't usually available in stores, because the Arab Farmers usually grow such veges.

The point of all this useless story was that I am feeling bored, saying Hi to every one who comes on, they buy all this food, and it makes me hungry and if i touch something my dad hits me right on the back of my head. :(

Any ways, I will be back, when I get a day off....


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Guest Thamina
and thats not all, the Quebecers stink so bad that i have to open the door and phone the Ministry of Health :!!!:

that's hilarious and not to mention probably true, anyways good luck with those customers of yours!

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ur prolly one of the most racist ppl i've ever seen!!! One american flips out, u rip off all of em? I should be ripping off every race of white person that comes into the store i work at, and not to mention every indian that calls pizza pizza, and every arab and italian that comes into the bank. Dude, accept the facts of life, people are stupid, and you cant hate on all of em cause of one particular idiot that sticks out.

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If you could only guess, khalf...that i was joking bro. Trust me, I know enough about racism, lol...I was only kidding about ripping off americans. They are guests, and they should recieve such treatment.

Any ways got to go.


(Btw, do indians say: pijja pijja or what?)

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