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In the Name of God بسم الله

Plot to attack Shiites in Pakistan

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Pakistan on high alert as militant reveals plot to attack Shiites:

KARACHI, July 2: Additional security forces were deployed around Shiite Muslim mosques in Karachi after a captured militant told police his group had planned to use women suicide bombers to attack Shiite worship sites, police said today. Manzoor Mughal, a senior police investigator, said they had informed Shiite leaders about the threat. "We are taking all possible steps to prevent such attack," Mughal said.

The revelation came a month after a suicide bomber attacked a Shiite mosque in the city, killing 20 people. Mughal said Gul Hassan, one of several militants arrested in connection with last month's attack, told them that their Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militant group had planned to use women suicide bombers to attack Shiites. "They had even chosen a target," he said. Mughal gave no other details, and only said the suspect was still being interrogated. Allama Hasan Tarabi, a Shiite leader, today confirmed that they have received a warning from the police about the possible attack. "We are vigilant, and this is all that we can do," he said. (AP/AFP) (Posted @ 15:10 PST)


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these terrorist should be tracked down..

Oh Boy..sad to hear this ... :(

my duas r with all the pakistani brothers and sisters..and every momin..


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salaam may Allah help us and let us triumph

i want to tel u guys one more thing that this news i quite old now that there were reports of women suicide attkers in karachi in pakistan they were trained by uzbiks and afghans

may Allah show them the rite path

and help aur shias in pakistan

there ahve been a lot of attacks on shias in past and there are threats in future

Allah bless us

and help us

against these evil


and our imam is i think abt to show up

and imam(as) will gonne take the revenge inshallah

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