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In the Name of God بسم الله

How many worlds are there?

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OK here is my understanding :-

1) How many worlds are there? 7 ?

That depends what you mean by "worlds." There are three spiritual "worlds" and then the world of Oneness.


"Are they all linked?

Yes, they all overlap. The highest part of one world is the lowest part of the next; but not in a geographical sense of "lowness" and "highness."


"3) What is the Ayin=0 world, the world of Oneness? "

It is the World of pure Oneness. The Reality of Allah.


"4) Is there a difference between The Ayin world and the Barzakh world?"

Yes, very different.


5) Is Barzakh(dreamtime) world the gateway to all the worlds? Or is it a prison for jinn? or is just few dimensions?

It is the gateway to the spiritual realms and it is dimension through which time-space can POTENTIALLY be traversed.


"6) Is this universe the conglomerate of all the worlds?"

This world is the manifestation of LIKELY potentialities and probabilities. It is the world of enaction, of manifestation; where the world of symbols is cemented and made tangible.


"7) Or is this universe Dunya only?"

That depends on what you mean by "universe." "Uni" would imply that it is the Totality of ALL. However, while our local Solar System/Galaxy is certainly all Dunya, and near by Solar Systems are all Dunya, i believe very much that the closer one gets to the physical "Qutb" or "Axis" of the Universe, the more the Spiritual and Physical merge together.


8) Paradise is located in this universe(i know i am repeating myself)?

It is located in the Sirius Solar System where there are three suns; one dark and two light.


"9) Yawm Al Qiyamah will happen in Dunya ?"

The lesser Yawm Al-Qiyamah is a 50,000 year process which has recently begun with the Double Eclipse of Shahar Ramadan. However, the actual resurrection of the dead to be called up to Jannah or caste down to Jahannam will take place in Hurqaliyah/Barzakh.


"10) Yawm id Deen will happen in Dunya?"

It would seem the same as the answer above. It will not happen on this planet, but it will happen in a TANGIBLE manner once we are resurrected in our new immortal bodies.


11) Will all the worlds be destroyed and created again? Or will it happen only to dunya? (As told in Quran)

This would seem to only happen to the Dunya and not to the core, Axis of the Universe. Wa-Allahu `Alim.


"12) Would anybody care to tell me what is beyond the first heaven (which is adorned with stars)?"

This would seem to indicate the space in between the Solar Systems; speaking of what is outside our local Galaxy. Wa-Allahu `Alim.


"13) Are Angels in Barzakh or dimensions that we can't gauge?"

The Mala'ikah are able to travel through worm-hole type portals in the Barzakh. They are also in the Dunya, and are from the Axis of the Universe in Sirius.


"14) Is hell only below us ? Or is Hell another world? Will the hellites remain in this dunya or earth beneath the crust (7 earths)?"

There is an Underworld for certain called "Sheol" or "Hades." In Hebrew we see "Sheol" for this place, but "Gehinnom" for "Jahannam" or the Hell that one can enter through the Barzakh (and experience tastes of in the Barzakh).

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