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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Meeting Imam Mahdi

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16 hours ago, alidu78 said:

Do you reject this story in particular or all the stories where people claimed to have met imam mahdi as ?


 I do not know. At least I can evaluate the story, also there are stories about Muslims that saw Jesus (as) and they became Christians because they realized they were following the wrong religion. What is your opinion about that? Because someone is saying something you just believe?

 There are stories of people who died and return (they also remember).  

 I believe some of there stories are just the imagination of the person, some are lies and few might be true.

 This is my personal opinion. God the almighty knows the truth.


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Salam the above story is that of Allamah Al Hilli (RA) and it is narrated as such: A woman died during the last period of her pregnancy and someone came to Allamah Hilli and ask what is the fiqhi ruling on saving the unborn fetus. Allamah gave the opinion that to bury the fetus with the mother, however shortly after departing from the Allamah the person was chased down by a horse-rider who told him that the Allamah had changed his opinion and that they must take the baby out. After sometime passed the father brought the child with him to visit Allamah Al Hilli and narrated the story back to him. At this point Allamah Al Hilli became pale and from that point own he refused to issue anymore fiqhi opinions as his "mistake" almost cost the life of the child. After a few years a young man came to the and sat down in the seminary of Allamah Hilli and after a bit asked him a fiqhi question and answered it himself. After this he got up and told the Allamah that he should continue to issue fatwas and that he (the Imam) would guide him.

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