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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Bush was called a "moron" lololol

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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

this is cool. NO ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD MAKES FUN OF BUSH but his own best ally does. she (canadien spokes women) also wanted to resign to make up for her mistake but Chrétien didnt accept it. here is the article:

POSTED AT 3:01 PM EST Friday, November 22

PM rejects aide's resignation


Globe and Mail Update

Françoise Ducros, the federal official who caused a firestorm by reportedly calling U.S. President George W. Bush a "moron" offered to quit on Friday, but Prime Minister Jean Chrétien refused to accept her resignation.

"So as not to have this matter overshadow the Prime Minister's important work here at the summit, I have offered my resignation," Ms. Ducros said in a statement, read aloud in the House of Commons Friday by Transport Minister David Collenette.

She added that "the Prime Minister has refused to accept the resignation."

Speaking with reporters in Prague, Mr. Chrétien said he was satisfied.

"She has apologized to me for the blunder," he said, adding it was a shame that in modern times a private conversation isn't that private anymore.

According to reports, Ms. Ducros made the statements during what she thought was a private conversation.

Ms. Ducros said the comments attributed to her "in no way reflect my personal view of the President of the United States," but she in turn apologized for the attention they had attracted.

Members of the Canadian Alliance, who had called on the Liberals to fire Ms. Ducros earlier this week when reports of the incident came out, were not satisfied with the statement.

"That's a finely crafted non-denial coming from the communications department," Alliance MP Jason Kenney said during Question Period.

The Alliance has been accusing the Liberals of harbouring anti-American sentiments that have caused bilateral relations with the country's major trading partner to erode. Canada and the United States have been on shaky ground lately over several issues, including visa requirements at the border and U.S. softwood lumber tariffs.

Mr. Kenney said that Ms. Ducros's statements suggest an "anti-American sentiment" that is present in the Liberal party as a whole.

Transport Minister David Collenette said the Canadian Alliance was focusing on an irrelevant issue instead of the achievements of the summit.

Some Liberal MPs, however, have said publicly that the statement was unacceptable. They included Industry Minister Allan Rock and Liberal leadership front-runner Paul Martin, who praised Canada's special ties with the United States. On Thursday, Mr. Rock called for an investigation into the comment.

Progressive Conservative Leader Joe Clark called the Prime Minister's inaction on the comments a double standard.

"That's internal. The more serious issue here is ... we don't have a more important or difficult relationship in the world than our relationship with the United States," Mr. Clark said after Question Period.

He urged the Prime Minister to reconsider.

"She has done the honourable things. So should the Prime Minister."

Mr. Collenette, who was in the House of Commons answering questions on the issue for the government, stressed that the issue had already been addressed Thursday in Prague by Mr. Chrétien.

At the time, he said that Mr. Bush is not a moron but a friend of his.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham, who was attending meetings Friday with U.S. officials in Prague, said that "the blunder will not hurt Canada-U.S. relations."

U.S. officials, meanwhile, have made light of the remark.

"I just dismiss it as from somebody who obviously doesn't speak for the Canadian government," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, accompanying the President, told reporters in Prague before Mr. Bush left for Moscow.

The incident happened during NATO meetings on Wednesday in Prague.

The National Post newspaper reported that a senior official criticized Mr. Bush for using the meetings to try to drum up support for military action on Iraq rather than discuss new NATO initiatives and called him a "moron."

The speaker was later identified as Ms. Ducros.

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Proud to be a Canadian :)


Has anyone else noticed that Canada has become more "iny our face" recently, esepcailly after Sept. 11 and USA blaming them for it?

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Assalamu Alaykum,

Hehe, :lol: I read this in newsweek, serves Bush right! Though I doubt he minds that kind of publicity, sometimes I think he may like it, guess it makes him more popular w/the people, ya know, the "stupid" president.

Oh yeah, also I wanted to ask the Canadians here something. What did you all think of that travel advisory issued to those from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria. I think I'm missing some other countries, about entering the U.S.?


Wa alaykum as salaam

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It's good it was just the Canadians... imagine if it was one of the arab states... they mite all be worshippers of America... but still they aint any love lost between them... Just imagine what the media would be sayying... "coded messages" to the followers... :P

Take care and in good health

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