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In the Name of God بسم الله

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I have been married to my husband for a month, but we have known each other for over a year.  Recently he has mentioned a few things that do not sit well with me and yesterday we had a major fight over something.  The fight:  we have a sister (she has not taken her shahada but if I don’t call her that he gets upset with me) who is dating our brother now for a a couple of years.  My husband has spent time with her and they talk even when her bf or I are not around. I asked why she has not reached out to me and he said possibly because they didn’t like my ex wife and want to make sure we get closer.  First of all, am I wrong to wonder why he had to bring his ex into this, secondly as a Muslim woman am I not allowed to stand apart from any woman that is not Muslim and be “judged” for who I am and not who they were?  I mention this and suddenly I am being accused of saying that this “sister” said all this and why do I not like her and that this “sister” is a flawed but good person.  When I never called her or her character into the discussion.  Then he told me he still speaks to his ex wives and that he tells them he loves them.  As a matter of fact just two days after we were married my brother-wali heard my husband tell his ex stepson to tell his mother that he loved her.  My wali said he should let me know because my husband shouldn’t be talking to no Muslim women and not saying those things to them.  Am I wrong for feeling hurt and betrayed that he sticks up for a woman who is not his wife and that he says he loves these other women?

jazakallah khair

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