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What DON'T women want?

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The recent thread of What DO women want, made me wonder what DON'T women want.

Most guys are so focused on the girl, what does she want, why is she so hard to please, etc etc. Often we don't think of focusing on ourselves. Personally, I don't think most women truly know what they want. And even if they do, they rarely find everything they're looking for. There's so many qualities in a guy that they don't know they value until they see it/experience it for themselves.

I think a better question is, what don't women want? For a guy looking for a wife, sure it's important to know what she values, but also extremely important to know what her deal breakers are. 

So what DON'T women want in a guy?

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Hm... It's true that most woman don't really know what they want, but if I had to state a deal-breaker (at least for me) I wold say that the strinking points for me are:

1. Lazy/unreliable. 

2. Violent. 

3. Extremely stubborn. 

4. Liar (like, the heavy/sneaky type of liar)

It seems as if It's common sense to not be like that, but since I've seen this types around me while growing up, It really makes it harder when I try to look for a parter myslef, since I get scared that I'll fail to see this points or something... 

Well, worst case scenario, I'll die single but as I always say, It is what It is... :sunglasses:

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Absolutely avoid:

1. Violent, cruel, verbally abusive, disrespectful, controlling, manipulative. 

2. Immature, irresponsible, lazy, entitled, "mama's boy".

There are other pink flags, but these are the red ones. 

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