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In the Name of God بسم الله

Invalid Ghusl?

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Guest Anonymous110

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Guest Anonymous110

Salam alaikum

i have a question, and would greatly appreciate if anyone could clear my doubts.

I performed ghusl of janaba, and whilst doing so I realised the water was draining slowly, 

I didn’t think much of it till after I had finished my Ghusl.

i then inspected the drain hole and saw there’s hair and some substances in there which are najis.

Realising this, I cleaned out the drain hole and I had rewashed my feet up till my ankles (as the water was slow draining) despite having already completed the ghusl.

is my ghusl still valid?

(you may notice I suffer from excessive doubt - so don’t mind my incessant jabbering haha)

many thanks 

your brother in faith

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