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In the Name of God بسم الله

Fast day of Arafah with Sunni Parents

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As-salamu alaykum, 

I have a question for anyone here that might be be able share wisdom or advice. I want to fast the Day of Arafah. I am a revert in a Sunni family. Their Day of Arafah is one day before our day. Meaning, their Eid is also one day before our Eid. This means that our Day of Arafah is on their Eid. I wish I could reach out to Ayatollah Sistani in time, but I fear I will not receive an answer in time. My parents know about this difference in timing. 

Would it be more blessed to fast the Day of Arafah or not fast that day and spend it with my family going out and celebrating? Any wisdom would be really greatly appreciated. 

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Wa alaikum as salam 

The fast is not wajib, rather mustahab. Keeping it one day before is not at all a problem,  rather it would be a rewardable act. 

In general it is better to avoid recommended fasts when we are invited to eat , therefore it would be best for you to join your family in commemorating Eid. 

Finally note that even among the Shia there are different rulings on determining the new month and some Shia will in fact already commemorate Eid on Sunday inshaAllah 

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