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In the Name of God بسم الله

if a polytheist is being confused on the subject of God made us

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Guest God is one

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Guest God is one

If a polytheist is being confused on the subject of God made us, then what should be our answer? 

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  • The title was changed to if a polytheist is being confused on the subject of God made us
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Let me put it this way 

If I say to you " that there is more then one GOD and each of them have his own physical presence and have family" what would you say.

Ofcourse you will reject this and will bring me all the arguments and philosophy contradicting my philosophy. But tell you what you will do this only because you were born in the family who believe in monotheism , the idea of monotheism has been pierced into our heart so deep that we start to fing every other theism ridiculous.

Like when we say "how can someone prayer to an animal its to illogical and rediculous just look at our religion it is full of logic and knowledge and stuff".


The same way that someone you are talking about will feel about your idea of like "how these guys can pray to someone who doesn't have any physical existence how their GOD doesn't have any family maybe its all their prophet doing behind their just to gain control of masses how can they trust everything their prophet say to be the words of their GOD maybe he is (prophet) is behind all this" his idea of polythiesm has been pierced in their heart same as ours they will about our religion the same way we feel about them.


People automatically find the reason and logic behind the thing they support and when they start to hate that because of some misfortune they will automatically find all those logic and reason repulsive and disruptive. 


All I can say is their is no answer to that. This is a place where nothing is solved people just babble about their own stuff.

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Salam your question is too general which can be answered from different aspects which detailed answering needs detailed question.

Anyway here are some examples of responses to this quetion.











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