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In the Name of God بسم الله

Significance of 2030

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What is the significance of 2030? 

WEF (Illuminati) agenda 2030 (I.e. the crazy elite that say “you will own nothing but you will be happy”, you will eat insects etc.)

UN SDGS 2030

saudi vision 2030


it sounds like they are planning something big for 2030….


is that when the ai takes over?


Share your thoughts. Both fellow conspirators and those against conspiracies.

again all of this is theory (stating so mods don’t remove)

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Hoping you get some responses here..this could get interesting!

Im not sure about 2030, but i know that right before Covid hit, they did event 201:



Now i see theres another event planned for 2025-2028, Event Spars:


(There's another link that links to the Johns Hopkins PDF on the event but I didn't attach it here.)

And most of us are probably familiar about the drills  before 09 11.



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