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In the Name of God بسم الله

What is the view on this from council of foriegn relations?

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What is the view on this statement from



"Many Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian converts to Islam chose to become Shia rather than Sunni in the early centuries of the religion as a protest against the ethnic Arab empires that treated non-Arabs as second-class citizens. Their religions influenced the evolution of Shia Islam as distinct from Sunni Islam in rituals and beliefs."

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Salam it's not only been due to "a protest against the ethnic Arab empires that treated non-Arabs as second-class citizens." which it's a shallow idea in biased article which has been written without doing enough research which in article has been mentioned a bulk of Iraqi shias fought against Iran in cursed Saddam army while it has not mentioned that they have been forced to do it or few of them have been brainwashed that they are fighting with fire worshippers which after facing with Iranians so then knowing truth  so then they have been turned against cursed Saddam which in similar fashion it has been mentioned that Zaydis of Yemen have fought with Abdullah Saleh while he was a Zaydi too but it has not been mentioned that he has been agent of KSA for propagation of Wahhabism in Yemen for turning Yemen into a colony of KSA & mentioning a saga about clash between Amal & Hezbollah in lebanese civil war which is just a myth that has been created by Zionists . 

anyway majority of converts to shia Islam from other religions have expressed that their main reason for converting to Shia Islam has been due to finding it more near to original teachings of prophet Muhammad (pbu) and high place of reasoning & intellect in shia Islam in opposition of rigid system of blind obedience & neglecting reasoning & intellect in Sunni branch specially in radical branches likewise Wahhabism /Salafism . 


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