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In the Name of God بسم الله

Full detailed discussion of moon sighting for Eid

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Guest Farwa

I'm in the taqleed of Agha Sistani and I celebrated Eid yesterday (on 11th April, 2024).

Initially, I kept a roza on 10th April with the intention of breaking it once eid is confirmed on that day itself (as you all must be knowing that fasting on eid is absolutely haram)!

However, after our local scholars declared that Eid is on the 11th, I carried on with fasting. Now, I have one complaint from our Ayatullah or I must say his agency!

Since moon sighting is a topic that doesn't falls under the fatwa category, it was still a very serious issue. It became a battleground for debates and divided the shia community into two groups - those of Eid on 10th Vs. Eid on 11th). 

Moreover, this issue also tarnished the image of our shia community and ruined the whole spirit of Eid, which is very sad.


Why didn't the official website of our Ayatullah issued any clarification seeing the intensity of the situation? Had they simply mentioned that Eid is not on 10th but 11th or vicè versa, there wouldn't have been this much confusion and chaos. 


Also, Jammu & Kashmir (Nothern most part of India) & Kerala (Southern most part of India) often celebrate Eid one day prior due the time zones. So my India, our Ayatullah probably meant these two states only and not the entire country.

And if that wasn't the case, then still the agency could have issued a clarification and not just deliver indirect messages.








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