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In the Name of God بسم الله


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Is this a inevitable reality and a mathematical probability

What happened in weimar germany?

 The hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic was a three-year period of hyperinflation in Germany (the Weimar Republic) between June 1921 and July 1924.

Collapse of currencies impoverished millions

How many times has this happened and what is correlation between past events and present reality of the u.s dollar global reserve status

Possible consequences for every citizen globally?

In a election year keeping things relatively stable but what happens in 2025

Can it be avoided without printing trillions of $

Is it a intentional implosion manufactured by design and architects construct 

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Inflation has been promoted as the main selling point for cryptocurrency but I think there are at least two more immediately significant factors to consider:

1, Self-custody. Governments and banks can seize your assets.



A state-owned bank in Germany has frozen the account of a Jewish anti-Zionist organisation and demanded the group disclose a list of all its members. 

This could never happen with self-custody of Bitcoin. Unfortunately most people will find it difficult to do this securely, but they can learn.

2, Governments use money creation to fund wars. I used to feel uneasy at the prospect of something like Bitcoin replacing fiat because governments would not be able to create money for the sake of welfare needs. But Gaza changed my mind. Had it not been for money creation, the US would not have been able terrorise people across the world so extensively. Even the Romans used currency devaluation to fund their wars. We need to take away the power of money creation from psychotic leaders. If an inflationary currency is required then the network algorithm can take care of that. 

I don't understand why some scholars have said crypto is haram unless it gains government approval. 

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