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In the Name of God بسم الله

Does Lahwi depends on personal taste, or genre?

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My marja is Sayyid Khamenei (following my Mom) and if I remember correctly his Fatwa on Music is the "As long its not suitable for amusement gathering" 

My understanding is that kind of music that make you go dance, (e.g Russian hard bass)

 My current music playlist consist of music that I would think as not Lahwi, however I have some doubts.

Does the amusement gathering here mean, on a personal scale or a genre? For example there are some fairly average music, but due to how I associate the music with dancing, I feel it count as Lahwi.

Similiarly, there are also music that is in disco genre (which would fit with the whole amusemnt gathering thing) , yet doesnt cause me to feels like I want to start to breakdance on the floor, e.g Eurobeat, when I listened to em I dont think of disco, I think of cool guy racing in cool cars delivering tofu across a mountain path (I am sure that one brother here with Takumi pfp would know what I am talking about)

So my question is, are both example considered lahwi? Or not?

Onviously there are also the option to not listen to these "gray area" or to not listen to any in general, but I listened alot, and I get bored easily, lol.


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