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shia in denmark

Guest ali moghaddam

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Guest ali moghaddam

I am Ali Akbar Abdolahdi Moghaddam from Iran. I am a member of the academic staff of the Mabna research center. My studies include a doctorate in philosophy of religion, a master's degree in sociology, and a master's degree in Islamic sects. Currently, I am working with some professors and researchers of the University of Religions and Denominations on a project titled the status of Shia communities in Europe. The country that I am researching about its Shia communities is Denmark. I would be very happy if you would like to help me with this project. 

Please answer each of the following questions as you can. The most important questions in this project are as follows:

• Do the people of Denmark have any information about the differences between Shiites and Sunnis?

• Are there religious extremist tendencies among Shiites in Denmark?

• What are the demographic statistics, population growth and geographical distribution of Shiites in Denmark, and which countries are the composition of the Shiite population of Denmark?

• What is the lifestyle of Shiites in Denmark and is it significantly different from the lifestyle of Danes?

• What is the socialization of Shiites towards Danish culture and how much is the acceptance of Danish culture among Shiites?

• Do Shiites have special problems in terms of personal and social ethics? Is the rate of crime and violations among Shiites more than non-Shiites?

• Does the Shia community have prominent people in the field of politics, economy or society?

• To what extent do Shiites adhere to their Shiite identity?

• To what extent are Shiites interested in inter-religious dialogue?

• Do Danish Shiites have their own media? (such as: satellite, radio, television, digital and virtual space and press)

• Are Shiites active in artistic fields (such as: poetry, visual arts, music, etc.)?

• What is the economic situation of Shiites in Denmark?

• Do Shiites work in certain occupations, or do they have the same job status as the rest of the Danish people?

• How much is the political participation of Shiites in Denmark?

• What is the participation rate of Shiites in political parties?

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