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In the Name of God بسم الله

Earning from google AdSense Halal or Haram?

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I'm seeking advice on signing up for the Google AdSense advertising program. This program acts as a mediator between two parties: first, companies or associations that own websites and want to advertise through a paid service, and second, website owners who want these ads displayed on their sites in exchange for compensation from Google.

Google's terms and conditions specify that they do not accept ads for sites involved in certain activities such as pornography, gambling, and drugs, whether it's from the advertiser or the website owner. However, as a non-Islamic company, Google does accept ads for other activities considered haram, such as banks dealing with interest, forex, movies, songs, tourism, and women's affairs. Some regular websites may even display ads featuring women with full makeup.

After linking with Google AdSense, I receive an advertising code, which I then place on my website focused on Islamic teachings. The code functions automatically by scanning the words on the webpage and displaying relevant ads based on the page's subject matter. Additionally, the ads are tailored to the visitor's country.

The AdSense code changes the displayed ads frequently, making it challenging to observe. For instance, if the website is about cars, most ads will relate to cars, and if it's about herbs, the majority of ads will be herb-related. Even if two people are visiting the same website simultaneously—one from Canada and the other from Japan—they will see different ads. Moreover, you won't see an ad on a page today that you saw yesterday.

I use an observation program to monitor all the advertisements on my website, allowing me to view ads from both my country and other countries.

The filtering feature allows me to control which ads are displayed on my website by adding specific ads to my filter list, which has a maximum capacity of 200 sites. It's important to note that although I can prevent a particular ad from showing, there is no guarantee it won't be displayed again. Google explicitly states, "Please note that Google does not commit that all ads for the websites that you add to your competitive ad filter list or ads containing objectionable content will be prevented from display on your site."

From my personal experience, I've found that this filtering mechanism does work effectively. I rely on this as my primary source of income. It's worth mentioning that my website does not feature any images of humans or animals, and the majority of the advertisements, with very few exceptions, are related to Islamic teaching. Could you please provide guidance in this regard? Is this source of Income Halal or Haram?

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