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In the Name of God بسم الله

Qasr prayer please help me sort this out

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Ive moved out from my family and lived in another town a few years (more than 44km)

but during the summer and until im allowed to return back for work Ive stayed with my family in the town I grew up

I only go back to my town every two weeks, sometimes every week for hospital appointments. and stay a few days or return the same day

Does it mean that the town my family lives in im supposed to do qasr? 

or do I make niyyat that I will stay ten days inshallah and make tamam prayer? Most of the time I stay for ten days but thats not always the cause

so far I didnt know about qasr and have made tamam prayer regardless which city ive been in..

please help me sort this out

I follow Sistani

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As per the website of Ayatullah Sistani, the following is the answer:

"Question: When should one say his salat full (tamam) and when should one say it qasr (two rakat instead of four)? Is the general perception about a person being resident of a city sufficient for him to say his salat fully [in that city]?

Answer: he conditions for qasr in travelling have been mentioned in the Manual of Islamic Laws. When a person considers residing in a city for a long time, and in the general perception it is considered as such, he is not considered as a traveller (e.g., if he intends to reside in that city for year and a half, it will be considered as his home-town after one month). But if he intends to stay in that city for a short while only and is considered, in the general sense, as a visitor, he should pray qasr."

You must carefully analyze if you are falling in the clause of frequent traveller, in that case the following is the ruling:

Question: Who is a Kasir al-Safar (frequent traveler)?

Answer: One who travels for ten days in a month and sixty days in six months, he is considered a frequent traveler. Therefore, he should offer complete prayers and observe fast.




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wa alaykum al salam

It would seem, based on the description you gave, that the town in which you grew up would be considered as a "home town" in accordance with the ruling of Sayyed Al-Sistani, in which your prayers would be prayed as tamam, unless you had completely disregarded it as your "home town". 

See the following:


Furthermore, if you are considered a "frequent traveller", all your prayers would be tamam anyway, in accordance with the Sayyed.

A frequent traveller is:

1) someone whose profession is travelling – such as a driver and the captain of a ship, or a delivery person or shepherd – and 2) someone who frequently travels even though his work does not require him to do so – such as someone who travels three days in a week even if it is for recreational and touristic purposes – such a person must perform tamām prayers.


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I don't believe your parent's home would be classified as your hometown as per the rulings of Sayyid Sistani.

Unless one of the exceptions apply such as being a frequent traveller or staying there for more than 10 days I believe you have to pray qasr salah there. If you did not know you should have been praying qasr and have said tamam prayers you do not have to make up these prayers now but should pray qasr moving forward (there are rulings stipulating this in Sayyid Sistani's practical laws book).

On the hometown point refer to ruling 1314 here:

PRAYERS OF A TRAVELLER - Islamic Laws - The Official Website of the Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani

"Ruling 1314. A place that one adopts as his permanent residence is his home town, irrespective of whether he was born there or not, or it was the home of his parents, or he selected it himself for his residence."

I am not too familiar but I believe it is possible to have multiple hometowns if, for example, splitting half your time or significant periods between both places.

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