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In the Name of God بسم الله

Imam Ali Quotes on Wisdom


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1. Allah did not command the ignorant people to learn, until He commanded the people of wisdom to teach.
2. Wisdom is of two types: printed and heard, and the heard one is not useful if it is not printed.
3. If Allah wants to lower down a slave, He shall prohibit him from learning.
4. To stop learning, that is the excuse of those who call in sick.
5. Every container becomes narrower for what is put inside it, except of the container of science for it becomes wider and wider.
6. May there be a wise man who got killed by his ignorance, and his wisdom is with him but not beneficial to him.
7. Science saves.
8. Wisdom guides.
9. Wisdom is the ornament of the lineage.
10. The absence of the mind is between the desire and the lust.
11. The fruit of the thought is safety.
12. In the mind lies the benefit of the creations.
13. Wisdom is a generous heritage and a general gift.
14. The wise one is he who veils the sins with repentance.
15. Wisdom is the most glorified of goods.
16. Wisdom is the leader of kindness.
17. Wisdom is the killer of ignorance.
18. People are varied in their wisdom and their minds.
19. No one shall make low of wisdom and its people except of a stupid ignorant.
20. No sickness is more tiresome than having a low mind.
21. The little of wisdom enriches, and the little of ignorance dominates.
22. No wisdom for him who has no insight.
23. No mind for him who has no manners.
24. Wisdom is not purified without piety.
25. Wisdom is not taken with the relaxation of the body.

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