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In the Name of God بسم الله

greeting people that make problems

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Salam alaikom,

Three years ago, my father died. The last years of his life he lived with a lady to whom he was not married. This lady is now our neighbor. My brother and I inherited our parents' house. Since then, there have been massive disputes. She lies about us, blames us for things we didn't do, is out to fight. She also lies and says that we would threaten her - which is not true. It puts us in a very awkward position. When my father was still alive, she didn't want my brother to move into my father's house. But my father let him move in anyway, against her will. She doesn't want to solve the problems either. She is trying to publicly ruin our reputation in the neighborhood. The lady is 80 years old. She is bitter and casts evil eyes at us. Am I obligated to greet her when I see her? Or can I walk past her without greeting? My father was a Christian. She is also a Christian. It is useless to agree or agree on the way of religion. It has a different concept of values and rejects Islam completely.  She lies a lot about us. Legally, we are in the right. Several lawyers have confirmed this. Her  behavior is wrong and emotionally subjective, her accusations baseless. What is my religious duty? What is my religious duty? Do I still have to say hello to her?

Thank you for your advice

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Salam. Since the lady is Christian, she might not understand if you said the Islamic greeting of Salam to her. Just say "Good day" to her. Over time, she might realize that you are a kind person and she might become less offensive toward you. 

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