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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Abu Hadi

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Salam. I have been listening to the lectures of Sheik Azhar Nasser this year. They are the best series I have heard so far. I know he is part of the Tasneem Institute. I don't know much about this. The website is 


I was wondering if other brothers and sisters are familiar with this. Are they just a site for online courses or do they have an actual physical location and what country are they based in ? I noticed that there are other prominent alims that are also part of this such as Asad Jaafri and Sheik Hilli. Just trying to get more info if anyone knows. 

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I think its just online courses since most of the teachers live far away from each other. It might be like mizan institute, except mizan holds in-person and online courses.

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I finally saw Sheik Nasser's explaination of what it was. He gave it in the beginning of his lecture for the 9th night of Muharram this year. Here is the video link



I really learned alot from Sheik Nasser's lectures this year. 

I made a playlist for these


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