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In the Name of God بسم الله

Someone hacked discord and had shias on there mocking me!

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Some one hacked my discord accont or discord itself and i was on a shia site on there and when i logged on i saw all these memes about me being a jew and people were being sarcastic and making horrible comments about me.I had just been visited by the police  on a distrbance call. i was distracted And my discord might have been on.Anyway while i was distracted some one must have hacked my discord page and had all  of the shias mocking me like i was some zionist or something, but when i logged on again to another location site i did not see that on there, could it have been the neighbors or police started fitnah? could it have been them?

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What or which Shia site are you talking about? 

Are you talking about this site, Shiachat or another websites?

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