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Apple Vision Pro

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Some people say it will have niche consumer appeal and for developers only. I think it will be a game-changer and that's just based off the apps you can use it for right now.

What happens with these things is that people come up with apps you never even thought of.

The $3499 US price tag has been touted as being very high. In 2008 Apple launched the Macbook Air, the solid state memory version cost about $2499 and adjusted for inflation (40% in the intervening 16 years) that's pretty close to the $3499 price tag.

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I mean, these guys are expert showmen at making a presentation, and it’s a while before this is really in the wild, caveat, etc, caveat.

But, that said, this really does feel like it’s getting toward the next thing in computing. It seems to combine AR and VR in a nice way. It seems more “there” than some of what has come before in the AR / VR space. 

It’s a little hard to judge what that price tag means until it’s more clear how much it can stand alone and how much it needs to piggy back off another computer, and what you can do paired to say an iPhone and what you need a companion MBA or MBP for. Is it a standalone computer? Or a peripheral that extends another computer? What are the specs going to be? 

Interested to see how this plays out.

Another point on pricing is it’s about the same place as the MS HoloLens is right now while looking more capable. 

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yeahh, The current app capabilities might just be the tip of the iceberg, with developers likely to unlock unforeseen applications. Considering the price, the comparison to the Macbook Air's launch costs adjusted for inflation provides an interesting perspective. It's true that breakthrough products can carry premium prices initially, especially when they target specific professional niches.

Over time, wider adoption and further innovations could potentially drive costs down. The key is in how the technology evolves and the creative ways it could enhance various industries and experiences.

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