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In the Name of God بسم الله

Shari question regarding cut under nail skin

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Assalam Alaikum Qibla. There is shariah question.

While cutting the nails, the nail of one finger was cut too much (almost 25% of nail) and blood also came out due to cut on delicate part.

I washed off the blood by putting it under slight hot water but I haven't rub this area because the areas was too sensitive.
After putting the finger under hot water, still reddish appearance remains and there are red lines and red spots on area seems like blood. It also turns slightly red when tissue paper touches it.

I washed two or three times by putting it under hot water pipe but still this reddish appearance and red lines and dots remains.
In removing these dots and lines, more blood came out. But I washed it by putting it under hot water pipe until blood stops. But still reddish appearance and red lines and dots remains.

1. Is it purified or not?
2. Can I take bath and ablution in this condition?
3. Will other parts of the body be impure or not while washing this area?

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