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In the Name of God بسم الله

Mehdi Hassan and Digital Footprint

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Mehdi does something good...we should praise it...Mehdi does something wrong...we should condemn it...it's that simple...we can't judge the hearts or the intentions...but we can judge the words and the deeds that the tongues and the limbs perform in the physical world...I haven't seen the interview that got him fired yet...if someone can post it that would be great...'Real Reason MSNBC Canceled Mehdi Hassan'...Jimmy Dore...(7 minutes)…"Mehdi Hasan’s MSNBC show has been canceled, most likely over the host’s outspoken opposition to Israel during the recent outbreak of violence between the IDF and Hamas. Meanwhile, Piers Morgan continues with his BBC show despite occasionally allowing anti-Israel voices on his program to express their perspectives, even if it never seems to have an effect on Morgan himself. Jimmy and Due Dissidence hosts Russell Dobular and Keaton Weiss discuss the two hosts and whether they harbor any redeeming features as journalists." 

Real Reason MSNBC Canceled Mehdi Hassan


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8 hours ago, Abu_Zahra said:

Let this be a lesson to everyone that even if you do make compromises to try and fit in with the media and political establishment,  it will never be enough. 

Having people that have made compromises to obtain positions of influence is better than having no one.  

I wouldn't do it myself but I am glad that people like Mehdi Hasan and Ilhan Omar have some influence. Think about what it was like 20 years ago when Israel would receive far less criticism in the MSM and among American politicians. 

I think their compromises should have limits and be well strategised.  

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Instead of being forcefully removed from MSNBC, he should have left on his own accord a long time ago...From firebrand Shi'i activist to propagandist for the establishment (smdh)...hopefully being fired from MSNBC will be a tawbah moment for Hasan but probably not...he'll probably pick up where he left off and go work for another Comcast-affiliated news channel...Mehdi has high viewership and enough popularity now where he could easily go the route of Tucker Carlson or Russell Brand or Joe Rogan and establish his own independent podcast and provide the world with much needed authentic journalism...he could be Richard Medhurst multiplied by a thousand...Mehdi Hassan 'Messed' Around And Found Out (Part 2)...Mehdi Hasan Gone For Good From MSNBC...Jimmy Dore...11 minutes


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