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In the Name of God بسم الله

Getting married to someone living abroad

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Guest AbuDhar

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Guest AbuDhar

Salam alaikom, I wanted to know if some people have went trough a marriage where they got married to a individual that lives abroad. 
I have been observing someone with intentions to get married to her but she is not living in the same country as I do. What would you all say? 

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Guest Mh313

asselam alaikom, 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting married to someone who is living abroad. In Fact, it will make the marriage even more beautiful  because of joining 2 different worlds together. Of course in the beginning it will have its own challenges like for example having a long distant relationship with your fiancé, communicating with each other through the phone etc. But after the marriage and moving on to youre spouse, everything will turn really beautiful. 

If both of you managed to handle a relationship and being loyal to each other while living apart, then both of you gonna rock the marriage together. This also would cause a small percentage of divorce rate.   I can tell you this because I know lots of my friends that did that and ended up really goals. The children have a broad future because of the limitless future opportunities like travelling, studying wherever they want, learning new cultures etc. 

So I highly encourage you to do it!! A lot of people started like falling in love with each other and started to get to know each other and both parties willing to get married to each other. Those couples are btw my most favourite couples ever, they are soo strong bond together. 

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