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In the Name of God بسم الله

Fasting right after fajr & travelling

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I’m looking to travel around an hour or so after fajr, stay overnight in another city and then make my way back the next day (1 night stay).

I follow Imam Khamenei as my marja.

A few questions:

1) Do I still wake up for suhur/sahar and make the intention to fast? Or do I not? What would happen if I travelled before suhur/sahar?

2) Does it matter if I start travelling before or after noon (meaning zhuhr azan)? If so, how? Is it starting the travel before or after that may impact it or is it arriving in the city before or after noon, or reaching ḥadd al-tarakhkhuṣ (permitted limit)?

3) If I stay overnight, what niyat (intention) do I need to make? Am I fasting the day after or not? What factors play into if I have to or not, if it is conditional?

Ideally I’m looking to not fast on the day I travel and the day I travel back if possible so any and all guidance is welcome.


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1) If you will be travelling that day, and you believe that the distance/time/burden of that travel would qualify you to not fast, then you do not need to wake up for suhoor.  

2) Once you begin your journey, regardless of where you are, you start qasr salaat.  (if I understand your question)

3) No need to fast the next day, while travelling.  


I'm not entirely sure if I understood your questions correctly.  Often times if I'm travelling, I will fast if I believe it would be safe and not burdensome to do so.  Driving in an air conditioned car, or flying on an air conditioned plane, a few hours is not difficult.  Would rather complete my fast than have to make it up later in the year. 

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Let's say today is Saturday and Azan Zuhr is at 1pm. I do my Zuhr prays and right after that I travel to another city (more than the required distance). I can break my fasting at Maghrib prays in my destination and today's fasting is correct. Tomorrow, Sunday, I want to get back to my own city. I can start traveling back any time that I want. If I get back to my own city before the Sunday Zuhr prays, and I didn't do anything that invalidates fasting, I can keep fasting on Sunday and my Sunday's fasting is correct. 

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Posted (edited)

I will be travelling before zhuhr and arriving after zhuhr - that would mean I don’t have to fast both for days, correct?

The entire purpose of this travel is a business event which also includes food etc. so trying to ensure I do fast, invalidates the trip altogether.

I’m not looking to fast either day.

Would travelling before zhuhr azan and arriving after zhuhr azan enable that?

And would ‘travelling’ in this case mean, reaching the required distance OR leaving home before zhuhr azan?

@coldcow @Quran313

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