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In the Name of God بسم الله

Buddhism by Manly P. Hall

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Salam Alaikum,

Here is a snippet of a speech by a man I consider the best vocal speaker and thinker of audio-recorded time. Mashaallah 

So here he starts by giving his views on western cultural revolution, including the position of religion and science in general, as well as other beautifully relevant topics.

The Buddhist part confirmed to me that the true message and essence of it is Islam, which is why I personally have been inspired and influenced by this spiritual wisdom for years on end. Alhamdulilah.

It also concludes that the goal is a mental connection and self constructed thinking architecture matrix of the mind, to seek the Closeness and Love of the One. It is to let go of shackles of material attachment, and be free to be in communion with God, and ones true purpose of life. It is to let God be in the driver seat, much like the concept of Arjuna being driven by Krsna while being able to focus on shooting arrows from his chariot. The horses pulling the cart are representative also of the senses and emotional desires, which if left to a frightful multi tasking human self driver, will lead to chaos and misery.

So anyway, without further ado - here is the video. Enjoy! 

Oh, yes. One more point: even though Hall makes it clear that the Buddhist doesn't worship what people refer to as 'divinities' - personally I see it as simply angels who are being over-glorified, which is an age old technique of shaytan. But the basic teachings of Buddha are clearly good in my opinion.

Enjoy the eloquent speaker:


Fi aman ilah

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Manly P Hall is an excellent resource - I highly recommend his "Secret Teachings of All Ages" for a view on the history of religion and philosophy, and the Golden Thread between all.

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