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In the Name of God بسم الله


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Salam alaikum

Here is an amazing video by Thoth ( mostly represented by a writing man at the scales of judgement, with an Ibis bird head. The one with a really long beak. He is also believed to be the same person as Idris, Enoch and in Greek Hermes.

If my memory serves me right, he was the great-grandfather of Noah (عليه السلام), and he is described to have been literally transferred to God directly. 

He is attributed with introducing the skill of writing and many other very important 'inventions'. 

This two-hour audiobook is amazing mashaallah. One just needs to replace the word 'gods', when it's used in plural, with the word 'angels'. Then the text is Islamically kosher, and super amazing mashaallah. Took me a few days to finish. Lots of wisdom there mashaallah.

I hope that it will bring you closer to God consciousness, as this is the main theme throughout Hermes experience, and lessons. It's all about zikr ( in love and knowledge of God) , and always has.

Happy zikr in Allah everyone!

Fi Amanilah



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