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In the Name of God بسم الله

Morning and Evening Supplications Android App Free

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Salam alaykom everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I have made a new Morning and Evening Supplications application which contains supplications and quran surahs for your daily needs when you have free time to spend. It also has reminder feature where you can choose 2 different times in the day to receive a reminder. I would love for you to download it, support me and give me your feedback so that I could make more great apps for our Shia community at whole. Please share it with your friends and family. Thanks in advance.




Jazakhum Allah Kheir. Have a blessed Thursday. Please remember me in your prayers and duaa.


Your brother,

Jaffer Al Fahdawi

Screenshot_20221025-134109_  .jpg

Screenshot_20221025-134112_  .jpg

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5 hours ago, Guest guest said:

Salam. So all your apps are in Arabic? 

Yes most of them are. Some have English translation built in you just need to click on the change language button. Twelve imams app and sahifa sajjadiya app.

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1 hour ago, ShiaChat Mod said:

Can you say what apps you are planning so members and guests could reply to you, to say what app(s) they are most interested in?  

Yes sure. So here they are:

Ramadhan app (iOS) - has full quran, supplications, prayer, sayed Ali alsistani Q&A

Twelve imams app (iOS)

Alsahifa alsajadiya (iOS)

Islamic event and centre finder (iOS and Android)

Many others, please let suggest any apps you'd like to see :)


Screenshot_20221028-082547_Play Console.jpg

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