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In the Name of God بسم الله

Unmotivated to pray.

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    I'm having a hard time praying more than once or twice a day. I remember when I first converted studying the prayer for hours to learn it, praying five times a day, preforming dikr after each prayer and reading the Quran for hours a day until I completed it (in english) and I what to go back to that after not practicing properly for about a year. I've cut non-halal meat out of my diet even though halal meat Isn't available to me and loosened my cloths, but how to I get motivated to pray and get back in the Quran?

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Salam alaikum brother 

You should take it as a step by step process and start with the basic obligations before moving on to recommendations. 

The prayer is actually quite short if you just do the minimum. Try to program your day around the prayers so that at the very least you have prayed the 5 obligatory prayers every day. 

Once this becomes a fixed part of your daily routine you can start to integrate other acts in small increments (Quran,  nawafil etc)

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