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Elon Musk makes a major promise to Iranians and Cubans

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3 hours ago, Guest guest said:

Can you say what the prommise is about?

Elon Musk said that he would provide Starlink to Iran and Cuba. However, he is currently unable to do this due to US legislation. So he is asking for an exemption to make it possible for him to do so.

What is Starlink?


Starlink is the satellite-internet-connection service of Musk’s SpaceX. This service guarantees secure and independent access to the internet. It is difficult to hack. Service cuts are rare. 

It provides access to the internet for residents of areas that are poorly served by the fixed and mobile networks of telecom operators. Thousands of small satellites circulating in low orbit -- mainly 342 miles (550km) above Earth -- enable the service. 

Why is Musk considering providing Starlink to Iranians and Cubans?


Musk has just promised the Iranians and Cubans that SpaceX will request an exemption from the American authorities so he'll be able to offer Starlink in these two countries, which are under sanctions. 

It all started with a question from a user on Twitter after Musk announced that Starlink was now available on all five continents, including Antarctica.

"I'm sure you won't answer it Mr Musk, but is it technically possible to provide Starlink to Iranian people? It could be a game changer for the future," the user asked.

"Starlink will ask for an exemption to Iranian sanctions in this regard," the tech tycoon [Elon Musk] responded.

"Could you do the same for other countries under a dictatorship like Cuba for example? You will save so many lives," another user asked.

"Ok," the billionaire responded.

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You mean like he promised Hyperloop?

...or the Tesla semi & cybertruck?

...or self-driving cars by 2020?

... or how he promised ventilators during the covid crisis?

This reminds me of the time Thai children were trapped in a cave and he tried to hijack the crisis by trying to get them to use a minisub he was told repeatedly wouldn't work. Shameless self-promotion. 

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