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In the Name of God بسم الله

What’s good for the spirit ?

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Salam Alaikum just thought I’d start a discussion - the question is :-

What’s good for the spirit and the spirit likes or finds beneficial might not be liked by the body - or should what is liked by the spirit also be pleasurable for the body .

why I ask this - for example getting up in the morning is hard for everyone , being hungry is hard for everyone but could a stage be reached where it would be easy and the body eventually likes it ? Or is it the case that the body will always dislike it and that’s the point in that mastery of the body and desires liberates the spirit . Is this the greater struggle . Why do some lecturers then say that for some people it’s easy to wake up because of the connection they have to God? When in actual fact it’s hard on the body and mind of everyone - but ultimately it strengthens the spirit ie there will always be this dichotomy . 

On the same theme is it ok to indulge in things that one finds pleasurable for the sake of simply pleasure ? Not for the sake of for example satiation of a desire. Hope I’m making sense 

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i think the second example is somewhat more accurate. imam khomeini talks about how things get easier after they are very hard, he was talking about the night prayer. 

when a task becomes a habit it becomes very easy. for example lowering the gaze is very difficult, but for those who made it a habit, its nearly effortless except in some circumstances where there must be willpower.

in my opinion after habituating yourself to something it becomes easy but there will always be those few times in which you must use a lot of willpower

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